Public Speaking

After participating in Toastmasters International for over 5 years, I got the itch and felt the excitement of public speaking.

Add my 30+ years of experiences in many different areas of life, business and community, I now share my stories at public and private events.

The subjects I regularly speak on include:

  • Networking for Mutual Benefit” – A Signature presentation
  • Social Media for Job Seekers” – How to Contribute, Collaborate, Connect and Cram
  • “Who Am I?” – You are not your title or what others say you have to be
  • “Blogging for Small Business” – Why your business should consider blogging
  • “Why me Lord” – My story of why I quit my job to start my 50/50 business
  • “All it takes is Desire, Attitude & Passion” – How these attributes improve your life

There are many other subjects that I can speak on. Often I get called to host a panel discussion or even facilitate a group or business conversation.

Email me @ or call me @ (336) 283-6121 and let’s talk about your event and how I can help by sharing a great message, seminar or facilitating a  group conversation.

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  1. Teddy, what a wonderful photo. Now I understand networking strategist and am so happy about your finding your way to a 50-50 life. Thank you for the good works you are doing.

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