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Your journey of career transition will be a challenge, whether you have done it numerous times before or this is your first time.

It can be frustrating, emotional and tiresome, especially when you try to do it alone.

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This program is for individuals who know they want help and more importantly, know they don’t want to go on this journey alone. These people want individual and focused career transition support in order to be more successful.

Career TransitionWe believe that in order to be the most successful in your career transition you must focus on much more than a resume, interviewing skills and how to apply online.

We built this program to focus on these primary areas of your career transition:

  • Discovering who you are and what is your best career path
  • Building all of the marketing materials needed to be successful
  • Coaching you on the best practices in career transition

When you are deliberate, focused and committed to the right activities, your success rate will be far greater. Additionally, when executed properly, a well managed and focused career transition will be personally and professionally rewarding. Our career transition program is designed to help you be successful and reap all of the possible rewards.

As your career transition coach we will guide you through the activities, content and conversations needed for you to be successful. We will hold you accountable to staying focused on the right career path for you.

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We want to help you to be successful in your career transition.

Our philosophy is “consistency creates success.”

For this reason we require every client to work with us on a weekly basis.

The hour we spend together each week, in person, via phone or Webex, is necessary to stay on task, focused and deliberate so that you can be successful in your career transition. Anything less than this will minimize your success rate. If you can not commit to this, we do not belong alongside you on your journey.

Success occurs when you are consistent, focused, deliberate and have help. We can and want to help you.

The Burriss Consulting, Inc. Career Transition Program will include the following work:

  • Self Assessments
  • Resume support
  • Networking Profile support
  • LinkedIn Profile build support
  • Cover Letter template building
  • Coaching on Networking
  • Coaching on Social Media engagement
  • Interview coaching
  • Negotiation coaching
  • Relocation coaching
  • Dealing with stress

Each participant of this career transition program will receive:

  • One hour per week of private career transition coaching
  • Relevant E-books on each task
  • Personal copy of Networking for Mutual Benefit
  • Personal copy of Success using Social Media
  • DiSC Classic 2.0 Online Assessment & Personal Review
  • Follow up notes & to do list after each coaching session
  • Telephone & Email access to your coach as needed
  • Access to a variety of self-assessment tools
  • Be my guest on our weekly LinkedIn webinars (free)
  • Introductions to relevant and beneficial networking connections

This three month program requires dedication and commitment to the process and the work involved to make your career transition journey a success.

Career Transition Program Fee – $1200
(3 monthly payments of $400)

Jump Start your Career Transition – $500
1 month of career coaching – Faster pace, same content, no ongoing coaching

Now that you know all about this program – Lets get started now.

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