About NCWiseman

Who is NCWiseman?

I am a volunteer Certified Career Transition coach
I am a Networking Strategist
I am a Social Networking Specialist
I am an Author, Public Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator and blogger
I am a volunteer
I am a Friend

I am a part of Burriss Consulting, your source for Social Networking training, strategy, seminars, webinars and support.

And I help our unemployed & underemployed friends, neighbors and connections figure out how to find that next great job, career or business opportunity.

As a Certified Career Transition coach, I can help the people I meet in the job search groups where I volunteer with their resumes, cover letters, interviews and compensation negotiations.

As a Networking Strategist and Social Networking Strategist, I focus my volunteer help in these two areas:

  • The philosophies and tips I share in my book “Networking for Mutual Benefit“, a lifestyle that can help you connect for life, career, business and community. This book teaches us to connect and build relationships by doing IRL (in real life) Networking. This is a great read for job seekers.
  • The tips and philosophies shard in my book “Success using Social Media“, a guide to using social media in a very deliberate and rewarding way. This book teaches you to connect and build relationships with your social media activities. Another important book for job seekers.

I use this blog to share the content I create relevant to the journey of job search. I write most of the content that I share here; however there are other good sources of useful and relevant information that I will periodically share as well.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions of good content to share here.

I hope you enjoy what I share here.

You can find my content on other streams as well including:

NCWiseman on Twitter
NCWiseman on Facebook

call me if you want to chat about anything I can do to help you – (336) 283-6249


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