Dr. Lexi Lain on the Lunch Conversations with Randy & Teddy Show

Dr. Lexi Lain on the Lunch Conversations Show

Dr. Lexi Lain joined us on today’s show to discuss your health and your job search.

Dr. Lexi shared this short 3-minute video with us as well. She demonstrates a quick exercise you can do from anywhere.

Have you been sitting too long? Need to exercise but can’t find the time? In this short 3-minute video Dr. Lexi shares an idea that can improve our circulation, energy, and get us back to being focused. She demonstrates a set of quick exercises we can do from anywhere. https://youtu.be/COd9yy1ty84

Lots of great conversations about our health and wellness during job search today.

Here is the Show YouTube Video:

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Our next Special Guest is Rich Schlentz in a conversation titled “Thanks for the Push“, all about how life pushes us into new situations and even opportunities.

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