Lunch Conversations with Randy & Teddy

Today’s session was about Gratitude.

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The Youtube video of today’s session:

Our special guests today were:
Suzanne Ross –
John Hamilton –
Steve Miller –

The conversations today included lots of ideas from the show attendees.

Here is the chat they left after the meeting:

Teddy Burriss : cat wrestler
Dennis Fox: Automation and Controls Engineer
Wanda Swain: Executive Coach (cat herder)
Travis Hardin: – Communication Consultant
Alan Dunbar: Pharma district business manager
Bruce Rhodes : Content Marketing and Strategy
Patricia Williams : onboarding specialist healthcare IT
Deep Rastogi : – product manager
Julia Long : Julia Long: http://www.linkedin/in/juliablong
Julia Long : Independent Contract Paralegal, Julia Long
greg borden : Scrum master – I improve teams by protecting them from meddlers
Dean Waye : I transform marketing stuff into content that salespeople use
Milan Lazich : – Marketing management in tech companies
Mary Jane Lahman :
Chan White : Chan here from GSO. . . I help folks via Triad Career Network Zoom Meetings
Vernard Ulrich : – Cybersecurity Analyst/Jedi knight
Scott Boudreau : Supply chain professional located in Central New Jersey
Julia Long : This year I’m especially thankful for all of my family!
greg borden : Grateful for teddy and randy – hosting this and instilling hope every week – I am grateful to have an offer at age 61 after 13 months off of paid work 🙂
greg borden : I always have work – my work is helping others (When not getting paid ) -0 which actually helps me get clarity of purpose
James Barnhardt : so true!!! Steve.
James Barnhardt : Go Buffs!
greg borden : – Nice Steve – I am not my job – helps to clarify who you are and personal value prop beyond a ‘title’
Malcolm MACDOUGALL : We all need to root our identity in the talents, skills and experience we possess – not in the job/tasks we are currently performing
Julia Long : Great insights-Thanks, Steve!
Steve Miller : Hang in ALL .. you ca do it! Steve
Steve Miller : Have meaningful conversations with others in your industry / target industries… steve
James Barnhardt : Volunteer your time improves positivity
Teddy Burriss : Hey folks – what else do you do to remind yourself how blessed you are in these difficult times
Julia Long : Volunteer work is also a great way to “hit the reset button”
greg borden : The basics – I have health, family, food, shelter – even when bills are unpaid – that stuff is way above what many have – esp right now ….
greg borden : Help someone else – when all else fails – like ya’ll are doing 🙂
greg borden : Yup – very nice – treat it like a job – you do have a job – its finding a job – people say that but when you do it – stuff happens even when results don’t happen in ‘my time’ +++ Steve
Steve Miller : Be willing to sincerely help others along the way of your journey… Steve Miller
Steve Miller : Know that job openings come and go DAILY! Steve
greg borden : Sometimes you just need to follow and believe in the process and yourself – we know how to get a job – sometimes results are not in our control….
Steve Miller : be glad to connect …
greg borden : Love dale Carnegie – what is the #1 thing people like to talk about -0 themselves 🙂 – focus on someone else – not my circumstances 🙂
Kayla McKee-Price : Yes, gratefulness for what we do have is always beneficial and within our control. I do think remaining optimistic and positive – putting out good vibes – will better results than being negative and down on ourselves or others.
greg borden : Yes Steve ++ we need to be ready answer those questions on why in positive terms
Denise Pruitt : Positive self talk helps me…not always able to do so but try to remember to speak positivelly ALWAYS
greg borden : Pivot – we are always pivoting – I am flexible – self talk ……
Vernard Ulrich : If you win an argument when talking to yourself, did you win the argument?
James Barnhardt : My brother, who is a real estate agent, once told me. “I wake up unemployed everyday!”
Julia Long : If you’re interested in learning a new language, I highly recommend Duolingo.
greg borden : ALWAYS offer to help someone – sincerely – before asking and also do it sometimes without asking for something – theres a concept ….
John Hamilton : Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving!!
Hon Z : Randy: Thank you for sharing!
Mary Jane Lahman : Thank you so much for today! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Vernard Ulrich : It’s life, none of us are getting out of it alive
James Barnhardt : Dale Carnegie 101! Thanks Teddy!
Julia Long : Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
Teddy Burriss : Thanks for coming everyone. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Kayla McKee-Price : Thank you all so much! Great words of wisdom – thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

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