Lunch with Randy Wooden & Teddy Burriss – 05/06/20

We were fortunate to have Lisa Lamb of NCWorks and Mike Fenley of Senator Richard Burr’s office join us today.

Lots of questions were asked and answered regarding unemployment, NCWorks, and Federal activities related to COVID19.
Here is the recording (on YouTube) and below are the Q&A questions asked, and the answers given. Questions answered live are included in the YouTube Video.

Conversation with Mike Fenley and Lisa Lamb on 05/06/20

From Mike Fenley – “The following two documents do a pretty good job of breaking down the federal component of Unemployment Benefits as included in the CARES Act passed at the end of March. Feel free to post these and make them available to your group. “

Here are a few links from Lisa Lamb that may be helpful that she mentioned in today’s session:

  • For up-to-date COVID-19 information and how it applies to unemployment insurance, visit and click on the COVID-19 information tab. There, you can see the latest updates for individuals and employers.
  • To contact DES regarding the status of your claim, you can visit This is an online, customer, contact form. Also, a “live chat” box will appear and you may have to opportunity to speak on chat with a DES agent.
  • The Forsyth NCWorks Career Center’s telephone number is 336.464.0520 and the local office email is
  • To find a nearest NCWorks Career Center, visit
  • Also, your NCWorks Career Center of Forsyth County Facebook page is available as a resource. Updates to COVID-19 and unemployment insurance, along with postings for job leads, community resources, etc., are available.
  • A community resource available that may give some benefit to individuals is 211 can help direct those calling for assistance and connect them with community resources available in their area from medication assistance, the elderly, disabled, those with limited English speaking proficiency, just to name a few.  Call 211 or visit

Below is the Q&A Text from this session:

QUESTION #1 What can a person do if their unemployment claim has been pending since March and they can’t get through on the phone number?
ANSWER: live answered Hi Ronda. I’m going to share some DES contacts – a customer service email address, and an online customer contact form. Reach out to them either of these ways. If you are able to do the weekly certifications, do so in the meantime.
QUESTION #2 Sorry, put this in the chat first:
I have a question about Unemployment. I am getting 10 weeks severance, but I might have a gap before it starts. Do I file for unemployment for those weeks before I start collecting unemployment? Do I need to file anything during the weeks I collect severance?
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #3 How does the Unemployment apply for GIG workers or 1099 workers out of work because of Covid19
ANSWER: live answered You are eligible to apply for unemployment, but proof of income will be required and submitted to DES upon filing.
QUESTION #4 I actually called NC Works and a person answered! I was so impressed. Thank you for answering.
ANSWER: Cool. This is good. Hopefully, the processes are improving for this onslaught. Most welcome! 🙂
QUESTION #5 I will be furloughed beginning this month and will have to be out for one week each month for the next 4 months. I am a salaried employee that is paid monthly. I was planning to apply for unemployment during those weeks but was wondering if that is a process I start now or do I have to wait until I am actually out of the office and miss that week of work?
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #6 I’m in Michigan. Is this discussion covering national unemployment or is this state-specific advice?
ANSWER: live answered Hi Brenda, I am referring specifically to NC.
QUESTION #7 What actions are Senator Burr’s office doing that would be helpful for us to know?
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #8 What does DES stand for?
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #9 If I live in Virginia but work in NC which state do I apply for UI in?
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #10 If I understand Lisa correctly, I can file for unemployment even during weeks I collect severance? Is that right?
ANSWER: Interestingly, that is what I heard. COVID19 ignores Severance, right now. yes sir.
QUESTION #11 If you became unemployed before COVID and haven’t filed for unemployment can you still be eligible for COVID unemployment?
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #12 I am an independent consultant (in Michigan) and the questionnaire for unemployment benefits included a question about “would I accept Full-time employment” and/or make schedule adjustments to return to work
ANSWER: Hi Brenda. For NC claimants, we advise them that even tho we know a person will be returning to work, be sure to answer the questions each week as if they are able, available, and looking for work.
QUESTION #13 what if one loses their job in VA (a few weeks ago) then moves to NC- do they reapply in NC?
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #14 Sounds like they are trying to push us to return to work for an employer. Thoughts?
ANSWER: As an agency, we all wish for an individual to return to their normal working conditions, whatever those may have been, pre-COVID19.
QUESTION #16 Is WIOA funding still available for dislocated workers to help with re-training?
ANSWER: Absolutely! Services are available remotely.
QUESTION #17 I was declined benefits because I said I would not accept FT employment
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #18 A friend was furloughed in VA and is in the midst of receiving Unemployment in VA but is moving to NC due to pregnancy- now what?
ANSWER: The claim will remain in Virginia. She will need to contact her nearest VEC for instructions as to how to update her information if she hasn’t done so already. Also, I recommend that she register for work at
QUESTION #19 I have contested this and continuing to filing for the weeks. Also, I am documenting income/expenses in every week.
ANSWER: If you have appealed this, most definitely continue your weekly filings. If the decision is reversed, backpay could occur.
QUESTION #20 Will she continues to receive UE from VA or reapply for a continuation of benefits in NC?
ANSWER: unemployment will remain in VA.
QUESTION #21 Thank you, Lisa. Much appreciated! 🙂 You are awesome!
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #22 Lisa-just for clarification, do I file my unemployment request beginning on the Monday of the week that I have to be off because of the furlough, or would I need to wait until after the week is over to apply?
ANSWER: Yes, ma’am. On the Monday of the week that you are out of work.
QUESTION #23 So, if they are furloughed 2 days one week and 3 days the next week, can you explain this. It used to be (pre COVID19) if you worked 3 days or more you could not file. Is this the same during this crisis?
ANSWER: In this particular situation, I recommend the person files their weekly certifications each week and simply report their gross earnings, each week. The reason I say this — if a person is eligible for even $1 in unemployment insurance, they will be eligible for the additional $600.week on top of that.
QUESTION #24 Is OJT funding still available for employers?
ANSWER: Hi Lisa! NCWorks is still here for employers to provide services, either through NCWorks/WIOA business services and/or in partnership with our workforce development board business service representatives.
QUESTION #25 I am filing for unemployment for my last week of employment. I am saying I worked, etc. How do I report my wages for that week? I did not work a full week but got paid for a full week. Actually I got paid for a full 2 weeks as our paychecks are bi-weekly, in addition, they paid out my 2020 PTO at the same time.
How do I report my wages for that week? Do I count all of the PTO on my last week, divide the whole paycheck in 2? Or just report just 1 week worth of earnings?
ANSWER: Always report GROSS pay and you are only responsible for reporting earnings in that particular week you are applying for. IE: unemployment weeks go from Sunday-Saturday. Earnings earned would need to be reported as such.
QUESTION #26 great, thanks so much!
ANSWER: Thanks
QUESTION #27 I don’t know if anyone knows this answer, but is the $500 child stimulus money available to every child or was that also based on income? I know some parents who did not receive it but I also know they have a higher income.
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #28 Mike, for solopreneurs, are there any other grants? I qualify for the additional $600/week for unemployment but not PPP because I don’t have employees.
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #29 Hearing several thousand recently finding out they are now on a permanent lay off…from some of our bigger “global companies” Honda Jet, Volvo/Mack, Haeco, and this is growing daily, and many of those that were not laid off suffered from cuts to their salaries. Are they discussing to extend the current COVID crisis unemployment rates through December?
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #30 FYI I’m offering a free “LinkedIn for Job Seekers” webinar series. Info at if you’d like to share with your attendees. If not, no biggie 🙂
ANSWER: Brenda – send to me via email and I will add to the NCWiseman article.
QUESTION #32 Yes, Teddy, very tough!!! Laid off 75% contractors and all direct hires are placed on hold indefinitely. Just an FYI
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #34 Lisa….you are a rock star….thanks for all you are doing for Goodwill and others….
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #35 Thank you, Mike! Lucky you with your own personal hairdresser!
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #36 Lisa, Pamela’s question about global companies experiencing salary cuts applies to my husband. Can he apply for unemployment to supplement his income? And if so, will my unemployment claim affect his?
ANSWER: If they are still working f/t (32+ hours a week), then they are not considered unemployed and would typically not be eligible for unemployment.
QUESTION #37 Thank you, Lisa – my question was not for me – it was for my boyfriend and he has been completing the weekly certifications. We share a mortgage and we are ok for now but soon will not have enough money for our bills. He filled out the customer contact form several times and has not heard back. His is a goofy situation. Quit a job in March to take another job then second job would not let him start on March 30th due to Covid-19.
ANSWER: In the meantime, I would reach out to 211 either by phone at 211 or at, to see the community resources available.
QUESTION #38 Yet there is no issue with keeping the ABC stores open??
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #39 Question for Lisa,
How do I answer did I receive severance for a specific week, where I have not yet received severance, but I expect to in the future?
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #40 If you didn’t qualify for stimulus based on 2018 earnings and will for 2019 when you file will they go back and qualify you for stimulus?
ANSWER: Yes. That is my understanding.
QUESTION #41 Thank you all!!
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #42 Good job guys.
ANSWER: Hi Michael! Hope you’re staying well.
QUESTION #43 Many thanks to all of you! Great information!
ANSWER: live answered
QUESTION #44 Guest next week?
ANSWER: Robert Garcia speaking on his Career Shift
QUESTION #45 what is the number for the Guilford County unemployment office?
ANSWER: 336.297.9444

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