CSN Session – 05/04/20

RecordingCSN Session 05/04/20
On YouTube (unlisted) – https://youtu.be/V8yOE3wBy3g

I captured the Chat because you all offered great ideas around dealing with Stress, the personality question, and what you are doing this week to move your self forward.

From Bradley Linnell: This isn’t my first RIF.  Some strategies I have for managing stress:

From Bradley Linnell: This isn’t my first RIF.  Some strategies I have for managing stress:
1) You can’t search for jobs 8 hours a day every day.  Plan something to take our mind off the search.  It might be playing video games.  This time I am putting in square foot gardens and tearing out the hedgerow and planting berries there
2) Find a way to give back to others.  Helping others not only takes your mind off of things, but it makes you feel good.
3) Exercise
4) Staying connected with family and friends.
5) I am also dedicating some time to learning a new skill.  Personally I am using CodeAcademy to improve my SQL.  Right now CodeAcademy is giving away some free pro memberships to COVID19 displaced people.
09:10:58     From Vinita : I meditate
09:11:46     From Vinita : Listen to music
09:12:29     From Laurinda  : Go for a walk or other form of exercise. Take a break and do some leisurely reading.
09:12:42     From Inez : I do something around the house that leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment.  I talk with friends.
09:12:54     From Vinita : Laurinda I agree with exercise
09:13:57     From Vinita : Yes I talk to friends
09:15:04     From Greg : How do you differentiate between managing versus coping?
09:17:51     From Inez : coping- not action oriented.  Wallowing in concern.
09:15:13     From Inez : Doing the toughest things first makes everything else easier to do.
09:16:12     From Inez : Exercise now, because we have no excuse like when we were working full time and used that as an excuse.
09:16:56     From Vinita : Teddy this works I laugh
09:18:14     From Daniel : not weird at all
09:19:41     From Inez : During times of stress I plan.  Move forward.
09:21:26     From Daniel : during times of stress, I love to sit back and a good comedy or go get some exercise.
09:22:25     From Daniel : smart
09:22:59     From Claudia : Exercise is the single best thing to boost my mood and energy.
09:23:22     From Daniel : Agreed, Claudia
09:24:54     From Claudia : Even through the horror, I have found that finding something funny really helps.
09:25:32     From Denise : engaging with friends thru ZOOM
09:25:36     From Claudia : Helping someone else
09:25:44     From Vinita : Avoid talking to negative people that are toxic
09:27:14     From Denise : Go on a drive thru the country and look at the creation
09:28:49     From Vinita : Paint a picture
09:29:12     From Daniel : Venting is a great way for me to deal with stress
09:29:27     From Daniel : Correct
09:30:28     From Vinita : My personality is like a kid
09:32:00     From Inez : Calm, optimist, who checks in for others.
09:33:12     From Claudia : I am an empath-  a “servant leader” as I have heard some call it
09:33:51     From Vinita : My personality I am trying to find my favorite thing, that would make me flow in everything in life
09:34:55     From Denise : What about – My work personality is one of strength, empathy, integrity and try to work with my team as a mentor/mentee leader as I want all of us to learn, grow and succeed.
09:35:11     From Claudia Lange : Why. can’t you be real? Why spin?09:35:52     From Claudia : well sure
09:36:48     From Claudia : Whoa
09:49:13     From Vinita : I made another dance video on you tube for fun
09:49:35     From Teddy Burriss : I’m publishing another Udemy Course.!!!
09:49:45     From Vinita : I got an idea to write my next part of my story
09:50:38     From Claudia : watching and reading inspirational stories. planting my garden, both physically and spiritually.
09:50:40     From Suzanne : is it an interview with a person or is it with a machine?
09:50:49     From Denise : taking free courses online to improve myself professionally and personally
09:52:36     From Daniel : what would you say to the recruiter when you contact them?
09:54:57     From Claudia : Free courses are great.  Connecting with my friends and neighbors and THEIR networks.

This week’s Topics: Stress is horrible. Manage it, or else.
Read good books. Here are three I strongly recommend
Dale Carnegie – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu – The Book of Joy
Ralph Waldo Emerson – Self Reliance
Remove negative people from your ’space’ Laugh, play, help, watch good/fun movies. What else do you do?

This week’s Interview question: How would you describe your personality?
Be willing to discuss 2-3 personality traits and how they could specifically help you be more successful in the role you are interviewing for. 
Have good examples for each personality trait.
Maybe have a story from someone else regarding how you helped them be successful in their role because of your personality (a trait).
Make the answer relevant to the role, company, industry, creating success, etc. Not just to a ‘job’

What are you doing this week to move your self forward in your career journey? Plan & Prepare – then execute. Put it on your calendar.

Your target companies &/or individuals – share in chatbox, in what role. Be prepared next week to share with others what companies and people you are trying to connect with. You never know, someone in the session may know someone you need to connect with and get into a conversation with.

This week’s challenge – Come up with executable ideas for managing stress & Coping with it ‘at the moment’

Next week topics:
Resumes, Gotta love ’em because recruiters do.
What are your strong points?

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