04/20/20 CSN Session

Recording – CSN – 04/20/20
On YouTube (unlisted) – https://youtu.be/ckFt6PMZVYk

This week’s Topics: 
Networking is how we create connections and develop relationships. Do you network the right ways?

Career Search Time Investment Article – A good read about the breakdown of tasks you should invest in each week.

Ebook on building a LinkedIn Network – My ebook on how to grow your LinkedIn Network.

This week’s Interview question: Would you describe a few situations in which your work was criticized?
You need to know 2-3 good stories about how a previous employer (boss) or business leader criticized you and how that criticism helped you grow professionally.
The more relevant the criticism is to your career goals and how you used that criticism to become better, the more useful the story is.
Make sure the criticism is from a business leader, employer, or supervisor. These are more impactful and relevant.

What are you doing this week to move your self forward in your career journey?
We all need to have a plan and be working on our plan.

Your target companies &/or individuals – share in chatbox, in what role.
Be prepared next week to share with others what companies and people you are trying to connect with. You never know, someone in the session may know someone you need to connect with and get into a conversation with.

This week’s challenge – Look at areas in your where you were challenged and be ready to speak about them in a positive way relevant to your career goals.
Write down how you were criticized, write down what you learned, and then how you grew professionally or personally.
Then, tell these stories out loud and listen to them.
Practice telling these stories.

Next week topics:
Is your Online Presence a problem or an attribute?
If I spoke with your previous boss, what would he or she say are your greatest strengths and weakness?

Author: tlburriss

I am a Networking Strategist and LinkedIn coach and Trainer. I live by my personal edict, "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life." I want to help people become better Networkers and better LinkedIn users focused on their business and career goals.