If invited, always go to the Interview

If you are invited in for an interview, go. Never decline an interview. Never.

Here are two short stories that help explain why you should always go to the interview.

Cindy, living in Charlotte NC, called me and asked, “Teddy, a recruiter in Cincinnati, OH wants to interview me for a job. I can do the work, but I am not sure I want to relocate to Cincinnati OH. What should I do?”

With no hesitation I told Cindy, “Go to the interview.” I explained that during the interview she had to be honest with the interviewer. “Let them know that you are not sure relocation is the right thing for you, however you would consider it for the right job, the right environment and the right salary.”

Cindy went to the interview in OH and a week afterwards she got a job offer. It was not enough money and her husband would not relocate. Cindy contacted the hiring manager, thanked him for the offer and politely turned it down.

A few weeks later Cindy got another call for another interview. This job was in Chicago, IL. Again, Cindy called me and asked for guidance. I again said, “Go to the interview and make sure you are honest with them that relocation would only happen under all the right conditions.”

Cindy went to Chicago and had another great interview. Again, in a few weeks Cindy received a job offer. Again, it was not enough for her husband to consider relocating and Cindy turned down the offer politely.

Fast forward a few months. The two people who interviewed Cindy were talking about an upcoming industry event. One of them mentioned Cindy and the other said, “I interviewed her too. She would have been good for my business.” While talking one of them decided to send Cindy’s resume to a mutual friend in Fort Mill, SC who could use Cindy on his team.

Within another week Cindy got an interview in Fort Mill, SC right down the street from where she lives. The pay was similar to there other jobs, the work was the same and best of all, she did not need to relocate. Her husband was happy.

The second story is about a friend named Bill.

Bill got a call for an interview. Bill was sure the job was not going to pay what he really wanted. The recruiter wanted Bill to meet the business owner. Despite the concern of the low pay Bill agreed to meet with the owner. During the meeting the business owner discovered that Bill would be a better fit for a position that he had not considering filling yet. The business owner changed the subject to the other job which was a perfect fit for Bill. Bill got hired for a job that had not been posted yet because the business owner got to meet him.

Why do I share these stories with you? To get you to never turn down an interview. You have no idea how the conversation will go, what possibilities may develop or who else you may meet because of the conversation.

Go for the discussion, the connections, the conversation – go for the interview. Be honest, be polite, be open to ideas.

Career Transition is all about new conversations. Interviews are great places to have conversations.

Let me know if you have had a unique interview experience.

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Author: tlburriss

I am a Networking Strategist and LinkedIn coach and Trainer. I live by my personal edict, "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life." I want to help people become better Networkers and better LinkedIn users focused on their business and career goals.