Social Media for Job Seekers FTCCHRD Class # 3


I share this information with everyone because it’s useful for everyone using LinkedIn.


Day 2 Class Notes for FTCC HRD

Great to see everyone tonight. Here are the links to the articles we discussed in class.

Dropbox Account
Dropbox Instructions in Network Profile Article
How To – Making LinkedIn Connections
Quality LinkedIn Recommendations
Managing LinkedIn Endorsements


Day 1 class notes for FTCC HRD

It was great to work with all of you tonight at the Social Media for Job Seekers Class.

You asked me 2 questions tonight

#1 – how to get rid of duplicate LinkedIn profiles – read this article Duplicate Profiles

#2 – Tell me more about the Job Search Resources

I volunteer at the Career Support Network that meets on Wednesdays from Noon – 2pm.

I hope you have benefited from the first FTCC HRD Class

Here are some articles that would be good to read:
Don’t try to do all of this at once. Pace yourself

Your FTCC HRD Home work for tomorrow is:

  1. Connect with Teddy Burriss ( on LinkedIn
  2. Begin to build your LinkedIn Profile.
  3. Ask me any questions via LinkedIn Messages (inbox) if you need to.

See you on Thursday at the FTCC HRD Class 2 of 3.

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