Another LinkedIn Connection Request Failure

LinkedIn Connection Request Failure

Here is the thread from one of my most recent LinkedIn Connection Request Failures.

The guy never heard a thing I said to him.

I changed his name to protect his identity.

On August 29, 2013 10:20 PM, Making Mistakes wrote:
I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
– Making Mistakes

On 08/30/13 08:19AM, Teddy Burriss wrote:
Hello Making.
Please remind me where have we met and how can I help you.
Have a great weekend

On 08/30/13 6:48 AM, Making Mistakes wrote:
Hi Teddy! I reached out to you because of your profile. My company is looking to recruit 100 people in the next two weeks.

We are an internet marketing firm, offering work at home opportunities, as we gear up for the launch of our new mobile app in September.

If you would like me to send you information on how you might be considered for one these work at home positions, just send your email to my inbox. If not please pardon the intrusion.

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On 08/30/13 09:59AM, Teddy Burriss wrote:
No thank you.

I strongly encourage you to connect with people, get to know who they are and what they do before you start asking them for anything.
I am now forced to mark your LI Connect request as SPAM.
Learn to do this correctly.

On 08/30/13 7:09 AM, Making Mistakes wrote:
That is your prerogative Mr. Burriss. I contacted you because we felt that you had skills that could benefit the readers of our blogs. Please pardon the intrusion.
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On 08/30/13 11:06AM, Teddy Burriss wrote:
Making – be consistent, this is not what you said in your first message, “We are an internet marketing firm, offering work at home opportunities, as we gear up for the launch of our new mobile app in September. ”

You can not do this on social media. Doing this type of activity is spamming and totally inappropriate.

I am a social media coach and am deliberate about my activity on LinkedIn. If you need coaching please let me know. I can help you if you are willing to learn how to do this correctly.


Blog Author Note:

Watch this – He goes even further into a LinkedIn Connection Request Failure

On 08/30/13 8:17 AM, Making Mistakes wrote:
There is no doubt that you know more about my industry than I do Sir, again that is why I contacted you. I am not spamming you, I am conversing with you.

I am recruiting for the Dream Team of the Empower Network. I wish you would check out this video from our founder, not as a potential customer, but as an expert in the industry. I really welcome your feedback.
Thank you and again, please forgive the intrusion.
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On 08/30/13 1:39 PM, Teddy Burriss wrote:
Making – your messages and manner of communicating with me is not an intrusion. You miss my point. Your methodology is not going to work for you.

Furthermore, sending me a link to a video from a guy in front of a home that smacks of conspicuous consumption, with income disclaimers and refund policies listed on the front page also gives me the perception that the products & services are not as real as the messages & videos are intended to lead me to believe.

Robert – I am a social networking communications consultant. I teach relationship building using social media. I teach people not to do what you insist on doing:

Not once have you inquired as to who I am.
Not once have you mentioned anything you learned from my profile or any of my other social networking profiles.
Not once have you asked me about my business
Not once have you inquired as to how you could help me in any way
Your LinkedIn profile shows a recent grad who used to work for Amex (?) and says nothing about the stuff you are hawking through the un-invited messages to people who don’t trust and respect you.
You are not following the terms & conditions of XYZ, since no where in your messages to me did you identify yourself as an XYZ Affiliate. ( Mistakes#do-dont)

All you want to do is entice me to look at your videos and get all gaga about what you do.

I teach Networking for Mutual Benefit and using Social Media to build relationships. This is how I have gotten successful in life and able to live the type of lifestyle that I enjoy today. Never have I had to use this type of communications with the hopes of luring someone into a conversation about a product or service.

I wish you lots of success in the MLM you have chosen to participate in. I have no problems with transparent, honest and open MLM programs; however when the MLM starts with watch a video from some guy living in a big house and the website has disclaimers and refund statements on the front page – I have to consider it less than mutually beneficial.

I have taken up far too much of your time since I know your upstream guys are telling you to ignore me and move on to the next person.

Please accept my apologies for wanting to coach a young professional to be better and different.

Ps – as a Career Transition Coach I see lots of unemployed folks getting lured into these MLM programs every day. Unless you are passionate about the product and work you are told to do – it’s not going to work. Promises of great wealth is not the reason to start a job or business.

Have a good weekend.

Blog Author Note – I hoped he would hear me, but he doesn’t

He continues with a LinkedIn Connection Request Failure

On 08/31/13 1:17 AM, Making Mistakes wrote:

Thank you so much for your reply Mr. Burriss. It really is much appreciated. I am so sorry that I offended you.

The product of XYZ is internet marketing via SEO education. The delivery of our product is through our viral blogging system. XYZ is not a multi-level marketing business, it is an affiliate marketing system.

As you know, search engines search for text and not video, which is why Google purchased YouTube. The XYZ strategy is to write our blogs based on keyword search and place, video in each blog for this new generation that does not read.

God has given everyone a gift and talent to share with the world. Empower gives everyone that ability, and know how, that has been reserved for select few, like yourself, until now. We are a network of entrepreneurs that daily share our expertise to the world, with the goal of positioning ourselves as the expert online. Empower teaches you how to make money doing this while teaching others to do it. I was just hoping you would share your expertise on your network

My business is not blogging, my business is real estate and insurance, but God told me that for this business, He is the product. My personal page with my Blogs is Jesus was a Carpenter, Paul was a Tentmaker, Luke was a doctor. My blogs are going to focus on believers in the marketplace, along with my real estate, and economic expertise.

The reason for the long note to show my intention was not to offend but to show you something that could possibly enhance what you are already doing.

Thank you and God Bless.

I opted not to engage with any further.

Please don’t make LinkedIn Connection Request Failures

What would you have done?

Here is another example of LinkedIn Connection Request Failure

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  1. I’ve also had the ‘pleasure’ of receiving several connection requests with no other purpose than to get me involved in MLM schemes. But using God as an argument is new for me…

    Needless to say that I politely refused to connect.

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