Setting up Google Voice

Setting up Google Voice

Setting up Google Voice

Setting up Google VoiceIt’s rather easy – Setting up Google Voice

I love Google Voice and encourage anyone using social media to consider publishing a Google Voice number instead of their cell phone or home phone.

A great way to increase the ability to connect when you put a Google Voice number on your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter,, etc profile.

Want some help Setting up Google Voice:

Setting up a Google Voice account starts with getting a Google Email account at

Once you have a Gmail Account, go to and follow the prompts.

It’s pretty easy. You have to start by associating your Google Voice account with a land line or Mobile phone#. (however the calls do not need to be forwarded there)

Here are some good videos on how to use Google Voice.

Hi there,

Thanks for signing up for Google Voice! Your new Google number is (336) 734-9169.

Here are some videos that help you get started with Google Voice:

  1. Read transcriptions of voicemails. Watch a video »
  2. Customize which phones ring. Watch a video »
  3. Personalize greetings for different callers. Watch a video »
  4. Make cheap international calls. Watch a video »
  5. Forward SMS to email. Watch a video »
  6. Share voicemails with friends. Watch a video »
  7. Block unwanted callers. Watch a video »
  8. Screen callers before answering. Watch a video »
  9. Access the mobile app on your phone. Watch a video »
  10. Conference call with co-workers. Watch a video »

You can see all these videos at And for the latest news, check out our blog.

I hope this information about Setting up Google Voice is useful to you.

If you need more help, contact me on my Google Voice line

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