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Life LessonsI met Sherry earlier this year. As she told me her story it quickly turned into a guest blog post. Thanks for sharing Sherry.

Life Lessons Learned 2013

by Sherry Rose

Here are a few life lessons I have learned venturing on my own this year.

Ironically, these are some of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned to this day.

Like many others, I too received my very own walking papers earlier this year. (I’m still trying to figure out which frame to put them in.) From a single mother’s point of view, I could have choked, kicked, screamed, begged, cried for days – but instead I decided to do what I had never done before: accepted it. Why? There was something greater going on here, something I call a beautiful disaster. No matter how traumatic it seemed from the outside looking in, I knew this change had needed to happen for a long time. Change equals growth and even though I was comfortably supporting my family, I had become disconnected – my passion was gone. At the end of the day, that is not living. It was time to stand at the crossroad of fear and excitement, wrapped in one awkward ball and get real. Now at 35 years old, it is time to redefine: what do I REALLY want.

Call that day of ‘dream job’ dismissal what you will, I call it divine intervention.

Life Lesson 1: If you want to be successful in pursuing your dreams and figuring out what you really want, you must understand the power of trial and error. Create a wall full, a mind full of ideas and put them into action. See what works, see what doesn’t and measure that wall closely. Literally, you are creating stepping stones that are building a foundation – building a better you. This does not happen overnight. Embrace it and continually educate yourself in every way you can. Ask questions. Seek a solid successful mentor and surround yourself with positive people. Most importantly, start somewhere.

Life Lesson 2: If there are issues that need to be handled, handle them. Face them head on. Find strength and power within to cross that line of fear so you can move on, move forward. You cannot mentally hold yourself hostage to the past. There is nothing easy about it. You just have to accept it as part of life. If you accept this, living in the moment and enjoying what you have in this life becomes a lot easier. Every morning you wake up, it is a new day and a new chance. Make the choice.

Life Lesson 3: Guard your time wisely – if not, other people will be more than willing to run your life for you. Be OK with saying no and eliminating distractions.

Life Lesson 4: Go ahead and throw away the idea that there is some kind of secret equation to the ‘perfect’ work-family balance. Stop reading all those recycled articles and listening to ‘so-called experts’ in a 2 minute TV interviews. This is your family and your life; one size does not fit all. Every family is designed differently and comparisons are damn near impossible.  Life is constantly changing, there is no secret formula. Prioritizing is the best way I have managed the work-family balancing act and it is far from perfect. Again, back to Life Lesson 1 – it is all about trial & error.

Sherry Rose – Life Lesson

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  1. Great story Sherry. You have the positive attitude that is going to serve you and your family very well far into the future.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes , u make dreams come true , and I love you so much ! What am incredible inspiration u r to single moms like myself ! Never ever give up ? The only person you have to be better than is the woman you were yesterday! So so proud of you ! When I Marry Bret michaels , I will have you in my wedding 😉 love you

  3. Well spoken. Strength and honor my friend! This coming from someone who worked with you at your first radio “gig”. I was in sales and you were “on air”, I knew your gift. I am reminded of it with your eloquent words. Stay strong sweet girl.

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