65 Big LinkedIn Tips

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65 Big LinkedIn Tips that can improve your LinkedIn experience

Use these LinkedIn Tips and get more value out of your time invested on LinkedIn

Today (5/6/13) I created a series of LinkedIn Tips that I began sharing on Twitter & LinkedIn.

Just a group of LinkedIn Tips related to the many different areas of LinkedIn, why we should use LinkedIn, some basic areas that we should consider being involved in and areas to pay attention in.

Here is the listing of LinkedIn Tips for your consideration and benefit.

  1. LinkedIn Tips– Why use LinkedIn
    1. Why use LinkedIn for Business? – LinkedIn provides opportunities for connections that become relationships, then maybe potential clients
    2. Why use LinkedIn for Career? – It can be a bridge for new connections to people who can help you discover what you could do & who to meet
    3. Why use LinkedIn for your Community – LinkedIn is a professional networking tool & professionally networking is not just a business activity
    4. Why use LinkedIn to Connect – LinkedIn members know that mutually beneficial connecting is critical to success in life, career & business.
    5. Why use LinkedIn for Knowledge – LinkedIn members share ideas, philosophies & links to content that can help you in life, career & business
  2. LinkedIn Tips regarding Settings
    1. Have you reviewed your LinkedIn Settings – You can reduce the emails you are getting from LinkedIn if you adjust your message settings
    2. Have you looked at your LinkedIn Settings in the past 6 months – If not, you’ve missed that they’ve changed & there’s new stuff in settings
    3. Don’t assume that the default LinkedIn settings are right for you. Look at them & set each feature so that they work best for you
  3. LinkedIn Tips regarding Headline
    1. Most LinkedIn Headlines say your Title “at” your Company – This is so boring. Have your Headline say “WHO YOU ARE”, not what/where you work.
    2. A boring LinkedIn Headline is a waste of digital space. Use your LinkedIn Headline to Proudly, Boldly & Positively tell everyone WHO YOU ARE
    3. A LinkedIn Headline needs to be all about YOU, WHO YOU ARE & WHY YOU ARE DIFFERENT. Don’t be like everyone else – be different, be better
  4. LinkedIn Tips regarding  Summary
    1. Your LinkedIn Summary should be a great story about who YOU are, what YOU are skilled & trained at & what great accomplishments YOU have
    2. Your LinkedIn Summary should be Bold, Powerful, Positive & an easy to read story. It is not a bucket to dump your resume stuff into (YUCK)
    3. When someone reads your LinkedIn Summary, make sure that they are reading a story that encourages them to want to read more of your Profile
  5. LinkedIn Tips about your Experience Section
    1. Your LinkedIn Experience isn’t your resume. Use the description area to tell an interesting story about your experiences & accomplishments
    2. Your LinkedIn Experience section is your public statement of skills, experiences, accomplishments and work enjoyment. It’s not your resume
    3. The words you use in your LinkedIn Experience section needs to be the same bold, powerful, positive words you use in your Headline & Summary
  6. LinkedIn Tips about your Contact information
    1. You’ll be more successful in life if you are accessible. Add all of your contact info to your LinkedIn Profile for those you’re connected to
    2. Make your LinkedIn Profile better & different. Use Other for your Website URL. Name your Website so your connections will go view your site.
    3. Your LinkedIn Profile contact information shouldn’t include your home or office address unless you want to invite your connections there
  7. LinkedIn Tips regarding Skills and Expertise Section
    1. Your LinkedIn Profile Skills/Expertise must support Who you are, What you can do & Want to do. Not, who you were / what you did in the past
    2. Use your LinkedIn Skills/Expertise words in your Summary & Experience sections as well as in your recommendations & other online content
    3. LinkedIn Endorse are a feel good activity. Imagine when you make a LinkedIn contact feel good & it helps build your relationship with them
  8. LinkedIn Tips regarding Recommendations
    1. LinkedIn Recommendations are powerful testimonies of your skills, accomplishments & experiences when specifically asked of targeted contacts
    2. Do not give a LinkedIn recommendation just because someone gave you one. Only give recommendations to people who you can honestly recommend.
    3. When receiving multiple LinkedIn recommendations in a week, don’t accept them all at once. Spread out your LinkedIn activity for more value
  9. LinkedIn Tips regarding Connections
    1. On LinkedIn, only connect with people you know. You know more people you can be introduced to by good contacts who know other good contacts
    2. Make TRUHE connections on LinkedIn. Being TRUHE when connecting on LinkedIn, will make the relationship grow better & improved the value
    3. Connecting on LinkedIn is a great way to grow your circle of connections. Focus on making and accepting broad relevant LinkedIn connections
  10. LinkedIn Tips about Groups
    1. LinkedIn Groups are useful for learning new ideas, making new connections & discovering useful knowledge regarding focused topics/content
    2. When you engage in discussions in LinkedIn Groups, you co-create conversations that can be mutually beneficial to you & other Group Members
    3. Pay attention to LinkedIn Group members. You’ll quickly figure out who’s the most informed & knowledgeable person(s) in your LinkedIn Groups
  11. LinkedIn Tips about NewsFeed
    1. Your LinkedIn NewsFeed is where all of your LinkedIn contacts noise shows up. Learn to review this info quickly & it can help your business
    2. There’s tons of content in the LinkedIn Newsfeed. Learn what is the good noise & what’s the bad noise so you can benefit from the good noise
    3. Once you learn what’s Good Noise in your LinkedIn Newsfeed, ignore the other stuff. It’ll just get in the way of your success and happiness
  12. LinkedIn Tips about stalkers
    1. The more active you’re on LinkedIn, the more often you’ll get peeked at. Learn to pay attention to who is peeking at your LinkedIn Profile
    2. Knowing who’s viewed your LinkedIn Profile can help you in life, career & business. Pay attention & then engage w/ good LinkedIn stalkers
    3. Once you know who’s viewed your LinkedIn Profile, consider the possible reasons. If there’s any value in reaching out & saying hello, do it.
  13. LinkedIn Tips regarding your Status updates
    1. I’m sad that LinkedIn Events have gone away. We can still share EventBrite, Doodle, Facebook & Google+ Events into our LinkedIn NewsFeed
    2. Keep your LinkedIn contacts aware of your public activities. Let them know when you are doing public work w/ useful LinkedIn Status updates
    3. When you find good content on other sites, share it in LinkedIn so your contacts can benefit from this information. This is called Giving.
  14. LinkedIn Tips regarding Company Page
    1. Your LinkedIn Company page is a great place to share & engage with your followers. Make your Page all about giving, not hawking your stuff
    2. Most companies use LinkedIn company pages to talk about themselves. Don’t do this. Engage in discussions w/ followers & build relationships
    3. Help your contacts find your LinkedIn Company Page. Give good content thru your Company page & share it on your LinkedIn profile later on
  15. LinkedIn Tips regarding creating Groups
    1. Creating a LinkedIn Group is like having a baby. Nurture it, invite others to come visit it & watch it develop into an active living thing
    2. You can only get LinkedIn members to visit your LinkedIn Group if you consistently give TRUHE content that your members will benefit from
    3. When you engage in your LinkedIn Group, do so as to encourage your Group members to engage as well. It’s not your pulpit or lectern.
  16. LinkedIn Tips regarding Applications
    1. LinkedIn integrates well w/ other applications. Use Slideshare, Dropbox, etc with your LinkedIn Profile. It creates more content options
    2. LinkedIn’s Publication section is great for displaying your resume, business profile or other documents that support your skills & talents
    3. LinkedIn’s new visual tools for attaching images, pdfs, & videos to your Profile, Experience & Company pages is great for promoting yourself
  17. LinkedIn Tips regarding Custom Public Profile URL
    1. Be better & different than many on LinkedIn. Customize your Public Profile URL & share it on your business card, websites & email signature
    2. Setup your LinkedIn Public Profile to show everything on your profile. Therefore, don’t put anything on LinkedIn that you don’t want public
    3. Use a nice headshot (you have one) on your LinkedIn Public Profile so you’re recognized in public. This shows you’re willing to connect.
  18. LinkedIn Tips regarding Sharing tool
    1. Sharing transparent, relevant, useful content on LinkedIn is a great way to contribute & contributing is a relationship building activity
    2. On LinkedIn, sharing content that you create helps to promote your skills, expertise, talents & passion. Sharing is also Giving. Do this.
    3. When you find useful content on LinkedIn, share it with your connections & groups. This shows that you care & want to help others. Do this.
  19. Exporting your LinkedIn connections
    1. Exporting your LinkedIn Contact data is a great way to stay in touch with all of your connections. Be careful, don’t Spam your connections
    2. Consider using the LinkedIn SmartPhone tools. They are great for staying aware & finding connection information when you are out & about
    3. Add your LinkedIn connections in an annual message to all of your contacts. Thank them for being a connection & ask what you can do to help
  20. LinkedIn Tips regarding Searching
    1. There are 5 ways to find People on LinkedIn – People Search, Company Search, Group Search, Connections search & People You May Know feature
    2. The advanced Search features of LinkedIn adds lots of search criteria that can help you fine tune your search. Use the LinkedIn search tools
    3. Create a useful search in LinkedIn & save it. Set it up to email you any updates every week & you’ll stay even more aware of LinkedIn members
  21. LinkedIn Tips regarding getting Help
    1. LinkedIn Help is full of articles regarding practically any issue you can imagine. And, if you can’t find an answer you can contact support
    2. Follow the @LinkedIn Blog to stay informed of changes & enhancements within LinkedIn. I love staying informed of how the tool improves
  22. LinkedIn Tips regarding Messages
    1. Your LinkedIn messages are an important part of engaging w/ your connections. Keep your inbox under control so that your engagement is.
    2. Setup your @LinkedIn Settings properly & LinkedIn messages won’t dump into your email. If you do this, plan to use LinkedIn every day.

If you need any help understanding how to do these activities or how to get more value out of LinkedIn, visit my LinkedIn Training page.

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