You want the same pay as your last job

This is part 12 of the 16 post series.

I hear this all the time. I need to make the same pay as I did in my last job.

OK, maybe you can. Maybe you can make more. But the likelihood of you making significantly less is real. Accept it.

One philosophy that I teach is “When looking for a new job, look for rewards & compensation, not compensation & rewards.” ~ @NCWiseman

You want a job that will pay you what you need to survive & thrive. You should also want some of the pay to include rewards that fuel your life.

These rewards include lots of positive things. Time off, less travel time, better lunch options, Starbucks coffee nearby (important to me), big stepping stone in new career, flexibility, success, professional development, personal development, variable hours, work from home or offsite, professional connections, access to resources that develop you and fulfill the job requirements, the ability to be imaginative, creative and to be productively different. If you think hard enough, there are rewards that are personal to you that do not fit my needs. Look for them and then consider if they fit into this new job. Will the pay + rewards = an appropriate compensation for you today? If so, consider the job despite the fact that you will not get paid what the last job paid you.

Be creative in considering the compensation.

Author: tlburriss

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