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This content came from a good article I read on www.Salary.com.

There are lots of articles with good ideas about what to put and not put on your resume.

Besides knowing what you should put on your resume, you need to also know what not to put on your resume.

This list seems pretty good to me.

  • Irrelevant job experience
    • Sure, the summer after freshman year you spent as Harry’s Hot Dog Hut mascot was the best ever. But unless you’re applying to wear the Gorilla suit for the Phoenix Suns, leave it out.
  • Private matters
    • Sexual orientation, religious and political affiliations, marital status, age, and whether you have children should not be included on your resume. Some of these things are controversial and/or irrelevant, while others may unwittingly influence the hiring manager. Leave them out.
  • Physical characteristics
    • Hiring managers don’t care if you have “ripped abs” or “a smokin’ bod,” so please don’t describe yourself that way. In addition, pictures should never be included with your resume unless you are an actor or model.
  • A crazy objective
    • So you want to be the next Bill Gates. Terrific! And you may even have the chops to make it happen. But please don’t put it in your objective statement. Outlandish, overconfident, or “out there” objective statements almost always ensure that the rest of your resume isn’t read.
  • Unprofessional contact information
    • If your email address is dumbbuttboy@yahoo.com, don’t include it on your resume. Email addresses are free and most accounts allow you to get several, so either get a new, professional address or delete it from your resume
  • Strange hobbies
    • It’s fine to include a hobby or interest or two, as long as they aren’t the type to raise eyebrows. Avoid listing hobbies such as “knitting sweaters for my 12 cats,” and “twisting balloons into animal shapes.” Stick to less detailed and more generic hobbies, like “reading,” “gardening,” “mountain biking” and “playing tennis.” And keep them to a minimum.
  • Attention-getting tactics
    • Adding non-traditional elements to your resume willmake it stand out–but not in a good way. Different font types and ink colors, glitter and other adornments, and brightly colored or perfumed paper–yes, every hiring manager has seen at least a few of these memorable tactics–are all no-nos.
  • Achievements that aren’t achievements
    • Being nominated prom queen is not an achievement. Nor is belonging to a sorority or fraternity. And that award you won in a competitive eating contest? That’s right–not an achievement. Stick to professional and community service awards only.
  • Bad grammar and obscure words
    • Describing yourself as a “Verry detail oriented multi-taster” is likely to get no other response than, “Yeah, right” before it’s passed around the HR department for laughs–and then tossed. And don’t try to impress with big words. No one needs to know you are endowed with “sophrosyne,” when “good sense” will do.
  • Personal information
    • Your resume is no place for your social security number or other sensitive information. There’s no guarantee that your resume will be kept in a safe, secure place, so don’t include anything that could be stolen or used in identity theft.

Note – Thanks to Elizabeth Cottrell for this idea – “The same advice could be said about one’s LinkedIn profile.”

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