Garbage Email

Spam lettersSpam, Spam, Spam, Spam.

My regular morning’s activity to review my Spam folder reminded me of this video. I am glad we have Spam filters, but wish we did not have to have them.



There are three types of email messages that fall into my Spam Folder

  1. Emails from people I know, with messages that I am either expecting or want to get. Often this happens and the only thing we can do is add these folks/domains to our Approved Sender list.
  2. Emails from people I do not know, often with messages that I do not expect or want. Yeah, my Spam Filter worked. These folks need help because the don’t get it.
  3. Emails from Complete Fools offering a totally ridiculous idea/product/service/scam. There is no way for me to make these foolish people go away. Again, thank you Spam Filter.

If your emails fall into type 2 or type 3 – read my book Networking for Mutual Benefit and go away until you introduce yourself to me.

Spam Spam Spam


Author: NCWiseman

I am a Networking Strategist and LinkedIn coach and Trainer. I live by my personal edict, "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life." I want to help people become better Networkers and better LinkedIn users focused on their business and career goals.