You need Self-confidence

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Joel Osteen preaches, “what ever you say after ‘I am’ is what you will be”

  • “I am not going to get a job,” and it is likely you are correct
  • “I am a professional {pick a title} and you are.
  • “I’m having a lousy day,” and rest assured that your day will be lousy.

Do I need to go on? (see to see more on this)

Additionally, being negative will create barriers to success. Phrases like:

  • I am afraid, and you will be
  • I am aggravated, and you will be
  • I am unwanted, and you will be
  • I am scared, and you will be
  • I am angry, and you will be
  • I am annoyed, and you will be

Self Confidence starts with believing in yourself, despite the stuff that others say. You are what you say you are.

Here are some good points regarding building your self confidence

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1. Dress Sharp

Look good and you’ll fell good, Dress for Success, Dress to Impress

You don’t need to go out and buy an expensive suit, but it does make sense to buy good clothes.

2. Walk Faster

Walk like you are an authority. Stand up straight, walk like you are on a mission and like you’re someone important, because you are. You’re mission is to be seen and to be considered as someone to know. Don’t run, but walk just a little faster than everyone else around you.

3. Good Posture

Sit up with your back straight and your shoulders back. Both feet on the floor and your head held high. You will breathe better and feel better. You’ll be more alert and empowering. Good posture is healthy and shows others that you care about yourself. This is very empowering and helps your self-confidence.

4. Personal Commercial

Know who you are. Say these words to yourself, “I am {your name} and I am {what are you}. Knowing exactly what you want to be and stating it proudly, boldly and with a little attitude not only clearly tells everyone who you are, but it confirms it to yourself. Knowing who you are and what you do is a powerful way to build self-confidence. Get to the point that you have a 20-60 second commercial that says, “I AM {your name} and I am a {Bold Proud Professional ?}.

5. Gratitude

Don’t focus to much on what you want. Put some focus into what you have. Spend time each day to consider your successes, skills, loving relationships and what progress you have made. If you look at what you do have you’ll likely see you are better off than you may think. Gratitude helps build self-confidence and keeps you moving forward.

6. Compliment other people

When your self-confidence is low, sometimes this comes out in your conversations and even as insults or gossip. Stop this from happening by paying attention to your attitude and focus on sharing compliments and thanks for others in your life. As you are more polite and complimentary of others you will se your self confidence increase and this cycle continues into more politeness and gratitude for others.

7. Sit in the front row

People seen in the front row are considered more assertive and confident people. Sitting in the back row can present that you are shy, fearful and less confident. Having others feel you are assertive and confident helps to improve your own self confidence.

8. Speak up

Call it back bone, call it assertiveness or confidence. If you have something you want to say and it’s TRUHE (transparent, relevant, useful, honest & engaging), then say it. Don’t be afraid to offer ideas or insights into a conversation. Not only will others feel that you are a interesting or a thought leader, but you will increase your self confidence because of the feeling it gives you when others engage in conversation with you.

9. Work out

A well maintained body is a confident body. Spend time working out, even if all you do is going on walks daily. Any exercise you can do every day will add up and help you feel better. Yoga, Zumba, weigh lifting and running are some good ways to exercise. You don’t need to be a body builder, yoga expert or cross country runner. Do a little more every week and the progress of exercise will excel your attitude and self confidence. A body that feels good is a great vessel for a more self confident you.

10. Focus on contribution

Give – Help others, volunteer, pitch in any where you can help out. When you focus on the needs of others and contribute time, energy and/or dollars to others you’ll feel better. The more you contribute to the world the more you’ll be rewarded with personal success and rewards. Giving is a powerful way to build self confidence.

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