Semi-Naked LinkedIn connection request

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On February 28, 2013 3:03 PM, alice b… (last name not to be shared) wrote:
I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. – alice b…

I spent a few moments looking at her profile picture with the hopes that I would recognize her. No matter how much time I spent pondering, I did not recognize her.

The room she was in did not look familiar and I don’t remember seeing anyone in that color robe.

I generally will not accept an invitation from someone who sends me a “Naked LinkedIn Request“, unless there is an apparent relevance between me and them.

I looked at her profile to see if she worked with me at a previous company. Nope

Her profile said that she is a “food cooker” at {Studio name} in the United Kingdom and in the Internet industry. I wondered why an internet industry studio business needed a food cooker. Her previous position was a “hair dresser” at {Hair dresser business}

I still did not see any relevance. So I dug a little further. I discovered that alice has 20 shared connections with me. Maybe there is relevance here. Interesting, they are all men, no women. This seemed a little strange to me. I looked at her profile picture again and continued to ponder this mystery.  What could possibly have enticed these guys to connect with alice?

I looked at alice’s Summary statement – “Hello everyone here,am new here and am looking for serious friends,am not here for fun so please if you here for fun,dont contact me.” I am used to seeing profiles filled with typos. Yet, this seemed much different than any Summary statement I have ever seen.

I was now interested to find out why 20 of my professional male contacts had connected with her on LinkedIn. So, I looked at her profile picture some more. Then I responded to alice’s invitation to connect. Here is the conversation that she and I had via LinkedIn messaging:

On 02/28/13, 2013 3:03 PM, alice b… wrote: 
I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

– alice bukari

On 02/28/13 4:05 PM, Teddy Burriss wrote: 
Hello Alice.

What can I do to help you?

On 03/01/13 2:28 AM, alice b… wrote: 
well am not in need for anything but am new here and am looking for friendship,i want to be a friend to you if you dont mind,i will like to have your yahoo messenger email to add you and talk to you there sometime so that we can know each other better.a,m looking forward to hear from you soon

On 03/01/13 4:51 AM, Teddy Burriss wrote: 
Good morning alice. Thanks again for the invite. I use LinkedIn and Skype for all of my conversations. I wonder why you prefer yahoo messenger email instead?

Have a great day

On 03/01/13 6:44 AM, alice b… wrote: 

hello ,am very happy you replied to my message,well to have you in my yahoo messenger list will be easy for us to chat always or skype so that we can know each other better more,hearing from you soon

On 03/01/13 7:51 AM, Teddy Burriss wrote: 

Good stuff. Do you work for Kwasi Studios in Australia or the United States? I did not know they had food cookers in Australia

I look forward to hearing from you.

On 03/02/13 1:08 AM, alice bukari wrote:

am at the Ghana’s branch,so am in Ghana now,are you going to provide me the yahoo email to chat with you at yahoo messenger all the time?

On 03/02/13 6:01 AM, Teddy Burriss wrote:

I don’t have a yahoo account yet – where do I go to set one up? All I have ever used is this linkin and now and then skype.

I love Ghana. what do you do there? Is it always hot?

On 03/02/13 9:10 AM, alice b.. wrote:

well thanks to hear from you,well you can download yahoo messenger at Google and register so that you can give me the id for me to add you or try and give me your Skype name to add you and chat with you there more if you don’t mind because Skype too is very nice,well Ghana is very cool and very hot,i love the weather here,am looking forward to hear from you soon

On 03/02/13 4:51 PM, Teddy Burriss wrote his final message to alice:

OK alice – I have made a decision. I am done playing with you.

I have all I need to know to get your profile shut down by LinkedIn.

So, thanks for helping me to write the story –

Go find somewhere else to play – I’m done with you.

On 03/03/13 8:52 AM, alice b… wrote: 
what kind of story do you mean?are you baboon?

On 03/03/13 12:51 PM, Teddy Burriss wrote his again final message to alice:

Read the article alice or whom ever you are.

No one uses LinkedIn like you are pretending to.

You do not work for K… Studios (I contacted them)

Have a great day


I still wonder, why did 20 of my professional male contacts accept her connection request. I’ll look at her profile picture again. I’m sure there is a clue or two there.

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  1. Good stuff Teddy! I have received similar requests from men (fortunately only a couple of times!) Perhaps they are confused and thought they were on facebook! LOL!

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