You have to re-engineer yourself

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I have heard career coaches use the following phrases in regards to that next job, “Do you want to ride the same horse in the same pasture, a different horse in the same pasture, the same horse in a different pasture or a different horse in a different pasture?”

I’m not sure where this phrase came from, but it simply means – “What the heck do you want to do and where do you want to do it?”

If you are either unemployed or considering a career change, this is a big question that you need to answer before you start looking for that next job. Otherwise, you have no idea what you are looking for.

If you decide that you want to ride a different horse, or get into a different industry, sometimes this requires learning new skills, systems or processes. ┬áIn the career transition world we call this “re-engineering.”

If we further defined re-Engineering, it can mean at least three things:

  1. Complete skill set & education change
  2. Adding a few new skills
  3. Polishing up on old skills

Regardless of the work that you have to do to re-engineer yourself, you must include this task into your job search program in order to get that next great job, unless you are going to keep doing the same thing in the same industry.

Re-engineering can be done lots of ways, many you may not have considered:

  • Go back to college
  • Attend classes at your local Community College
  • Online studies
  • Intern or volunteer in an environment where you can learn from someone else
  • Read lots of books

The worst thing you can say, at any age or regardless of how much re-engineering you want to do is, “I can’t do it.”

If you want that job, then work to get it, regardless of how much work it is.

Author: tlburriss

I am a Networking Strategist and LinkedIn coach and Trainer. I live by my personal edict, "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life." I want to help people become better Networkers and better LinkedIn users focused on their business and career goals.