Fosyth Tech HRD – Social Media for Job Seekers Class #3

Day 2 class notes

I hope everyone got home safely  – WOW 52 was a mess.

Here is the video of how to use to attach your Resume to your LinkedIn Profile – Video You can if you would rather use this Cloud based document storage system. They are equally useful.

How to add picture – I hope this video helps – Adding a Profile Pic

Home work

  • Create a list of 5-10 business groups you want to connect with (IRL &Virtual)
  • Work on your Profile
  • Start making relevant LinkedIn connections
  • Reach to me if I can help you

Day 1 class notes

It was nice to meet everyone on Tuesday. I hope you were not completely overwhelmed with all the content I shared with you.  Again, feel free to ask me any questions and email or LinkedIn message me if you have questions, ideas or concerns.

Set Frequency of Emails – I forgot to show you the (?) to the right of each item – the popup box does an OK job of explaining each item.

The Referral Suggestion box is when LinkedIn finds connections that could be a good fit for your company.

The “ADVICE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE CONTACTING YOU” Text that you enter under the Select the types of messages you’re willing to receive Box is displayed on your public profile above your contact information.

B – If you decided to hide in any way – Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile, then you can’t see who is viewing your profile without paying for LinkedIn – don’t hide.

Here are the articles I will reference in the next 2 classes

LinkedIn Profiles
Skills & Expertise
Making LinkedIn Connections
LinkedIn Recommendations
How much time to invest in LinkedIn

Your Home work for tomorrow is:

  • Create a list of 10 people you want to connect with on LinkedIn
  • Make sure you have a headshot
  • have a copy of your Resume

Check out these LinkedIn Help Pages –

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