Employment Quiz

An interesting set of questions regarding interviewing. What do you think the answers are:

  1. T F – Most jobs are filled thru recruiters, personnel agencies, internet and newspapers
  2. T F – You don’t have to answer questions about race, sex, age, marital status, children or national origin during an interview
  3. T F – In today’s age of “specialty” it is very difficult to transfer from one industry to another
  4. T F – During an interview it’s important to keep your emotions to yourself if you have just been terminated so that you don’t appear negative
  5. T F – You should schedule your interviews with companies that you are the most interested in
  6. T F – A job interview is a time to share information between both the interviewee and the interviewer so that you can both decide if this is the right job
  7. T F – A good resume contains specific details about everything you have done in your career
  8. T F – When asked a question during an interview you should spend no more than 2 minutes answering the question, unless you are asked for more information.
  9. T F – Workers under 40 have the best opportunity to get hired
  10. T F – It is important not to apply for a newspaper or online job ad unless your skills and experiences are a close match to the job description
  11. T F – Don’t telephone prospective employers if you have already sent them an email or letter
  12. T F – It is a lot easier to find a job when you are currently employed
  13. T F – It is important to discuss salary early on so that you get past that difficult part of the discussion
  14. T F – It is important to connect with as many people as possible once you are terminated
  15. T F – When being interviewed try not to make eye contact since this can make the interviewer uncomfortable.
  16. T F – When changing jobs it is usually reasonable to try for a salary increase in the next job
  17. T F – You should use your former boss as a reference
  18. T F – It is not a good idea to inquire, “Why is this job currently open?” during a job interview
  19. T F – If an interviewer offers you coffee, water or a soda, it is best to be sociable and accept

My answers are here.

Author: tlburriss

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