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These are my answers to the quiz found HERE
  1. F – Most jobs are filled thru recruiters, personnel agencies, internet and newspapers
    Most are filled thru networking and good conversations with people about ideas and businesses.
  2. T – You don’t have to answer questions about race, sex, age, marital status, children or national origin during an interview
    These are considered off limit questions
  3. F – In today’s age of “specialty” it is very difficult to transfer from one industry to another
    Your next job will be something related to what you can do, not what you did. Think your activities and accomplishments, not titles, jobs or industries.
  4. T – During an interview it’s important to keep your emotions to yourself if you have just been terminated so that you don’t appear negative
    Present yourself as someone with the skills, expertise, talents and positive attitude only.
  5. F – You should schedule your interviews with companies that you are the most interested in
    Interview with anyone and any company, regardless of your overall interests. You never know where an interview will lead you. Maybe to a different job
  6. T – A job interview is a time to share information between both the interviewee and the interviewer so that you can both decide if this is the right job
    You are interviewing the company & position for fit, just as much as they are interviewing you for your fit.
  7. F – A good resume contains specific details about everything you have done in your career
    Your resume should contain all of the activities you did your career that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Long past and irrelevant activities add no value.
  8. T – When asked a question during an interview you should spend no more than 2 minutes answering the question, unless you are asked for more information.
    True – be succinct and clear and do not drag on and on and on.
  9. F – Workers under 40 have the best opportunity to get hired
    The workers with the best skills, expertise, experience and desire will get a job regardless of age.
  10. T – It is important not to apply for a newspaper or online job ad unless your skills and experiences are a close match to the job description
    Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s time with irrelevant applications. Be focused.
  11. T – Don’t telephone prospective employers if you have already sent them an email or letter
    Follow up is important. Don’t be a pest though. And, don’t stress out if you get no reply.
  12. F – It is a lot easier to find a job when you are currently employed
    This is a tough one. It may be less stressful, but not necessarily easier.
  13. F – It is important to discuss salary early on so that you get past that difficult part of the discussion
    Get past the relevance and fit first. Money should be the last discussion, however some recruiters and hiring agents make this difficult. Get the job, then the offer.
  14. T – It is important to connect with as many people as possible once you are terminated
    You will want to connect with as many people as possible and relevant. Good conversations will be the key to finding that next job.
  15. T – When being interviewed try not to make eye contact since this can make the interviewer uncomfortable.
    Show that you are listening and care by talking with the recruiter or interviewer. Eye contact shows that you are paying attention.
  16. T – When changing jobs it is usually reasonable to try for a salary increase in the next job
    There is nothing wrong with the desire for a higher salary. Have reasonable expectations though – use salary guide tools to know the salary ranges.
  17. T – You should use your former boss as a reference
    If you can, what better reference than the guy/lady who you reported directly to.
  18. F – It is not a good idea to inquire, “Why is this job currently open?” during a job interview
    This is a good question to ask. It shows you want to know how the job could be done better or differently for a better result.
  19. T – If an interviewer offers you coffee, water or a soda, it is best to be sociable and accept
    Don’t accept something you don’t drink, but there is nothing wrong with a bottle of water or cup of coffee during an interview. Keep you focus on the interviewer though, hot the drink

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