Ridiculous Job Posting

I saw this posting this morning and wonder what are they thinking:

Marketing Director
(Name excluded to protect them) –¬†Greensboro, NC
See original job posting at Monster ¬Ľ

Director of Marketing Greensboro, NC

  • Part time to start, ramping to full time (25 hours per week to start)
  • To lead marketing efforts for large family sports complex and fitness center
  • To meet consistantly with department heads to implement and execute an effective marketing plan for the various programs.
  • To actively and continuosly market the new added Adult Fitness Center to the Athletic Park
  • To utilize all marketing avenues availible such as print, social media, email campains, grass root efforts, ect

Pay range ($11-$15) per hour depdending on qualifications of the candidate


  • College degree or some college experience
  • Marketing experience in a simliar role
  • Highly motiviated, high energy


My thoughts – are you really going to get someone who has marketing Experience, highly motivated with high energy to work 25 hours per week, utilizing all of the print, social media, email grass roots & ect (sp) efforts for $11 – $15 per hour?

It’s obvious based on this posting that they need someone who can write & market for them.


Author: tlburriss

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