A guy meets a girl in a bar and lots of things may have happened

NCWiseman sharing an anology of dating & social mediaI heard this bar scene story @ Converge South 2012 today (10/12/12). It’s a great analogy for marketing.

It was told to us by Jeff SanGeorge, a great Content marketing guy.

Here are some analogous examples of Marketing:

I’m sure I don’t have the story exactly correct – close though.

A guy goes to a bar and sees a girl sitting there

  • He walks up to her and asks her to marry him – This is direct marketing
  • Another friend of the guy walks up to her and says, “Marry that guy” – This is advertising
  • When he says “You must marry me,” she smacks him – This is Customer Feedback
  • The guy waits until the next day and calls her with a marriage proposal – This is telemarketing
  • The guy takes her out on the town, great dinner, partys and lots of wining & dining. She waits patiently for him to ask her to marry him – This is how great Marketing, Content & Social Media Engagement work.

Thanks Jeff.


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