20 Tips for a positive attitude while unemployed

I surveyed a group of unemployed folks today. We talked about the importance of positive attitude during their job search.

Here are the top 20 tips they suggested to help you stay positive while unemployed:

  1. Let off steam (do this in a safe place and only in short bursts)
  2. Exercise – Nothing hard or challenging, unless you want to
  3. Drink – Actually lots of water, not lots of alcohol
  4. Know who is in your support system and spend time with them when needed
  5. Have a pity party once every few months – then stop doing it and get back on track
  6. Pay attention to your attitude and fix it when you need to improve it
  7. Volunteer often and help others who need your help
  8. Remember that you don’t have it as bad as some others, despite what you think
  9. Do something stupid, then laugh at yourself and never do it again
  10. Accomplish something – there is always something you can accomplish
  11. Minimize your time around the stuff that is bringing you down
  12. Learn something new  in a seminar, webinar or from another person
  13. Read a book, (comedy, mystery, motivational or autobiography of a great person)
  14. Watch a movie (comedy, classics, motivational or documentary)
  15. Take a friend to coffee, sweet tea or “soda” and listen to them
  16. Join a professional group and participate in their activities
  17. Be around positive people, never around negative people
  18. Get involved in your faith. Reach your book of faith
  19. Have good spiritual conversations with good folks
  20. Go to a Fish Fry or a Party

These are only a few ideas.  What helps you to stay positive while looking for that next job?

Please share this with others and let’s get some other ideas

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Author: NCWiseman

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