I hosted another 3 hour interactive seminar about Social Media for Small Business on 3/5/2012. It was a lot of fun to be a part of because the attendees were engaged in the conversations.

There were 21 very inquisitive and interactive attendees filled with the desire to learn something new about the world of Social Media that can help their businesses.

They were great.


The businesses represented in this seminar included:

Real Estate Professionals
High Profile Insurance agency
Pet Sitting extraordinaire
Home Improvement; a Concierge service
100% American Made Home furnishings reseller
SBTDC Business coach
even a few people pondering where to go with their next business

all eager to grab a nugget or two of useful Social Media ideas.They asked me to provide some follow up information.  Here is the material I promised to send themPer my statement during the seminar, here is the information I promised to share

The Prezi.com presentation can be found here – http://prezi.com/dph6yblfcsvi/social-media-for-non-profits-small-businesses/

My Blog where I share lots of stories about Teddy & life is – www.teddyburriss.com/tlburriss

(Please pardon me. I am redoing this site and it will change a lot over the next few weeks.  The content will remain.

My Business Blog where I share Social Media, Networking and Motivational content is www.ncwiseman.com

Regarding Yelp – Here is a slightly old, but still relevant post about Yelp – http://mashable.com/2010/03/20/yelp-for-business/

(FYI – the biggest value is still for restaraunts, bars, entertainment and even buying clothes. That said, there are 23 Pet Sitting related businesses in Winston-Salem on Yelp

Schedule of Social Media Activity – It takes time. However that said, I still say to get started you do not need to spend more than 15-30 minutes per day (not necessarily all at one time). Each business and individual needs to plan the appropriate activity for themselves. There is no standard of activity. I do suggest you Pay Attention to what other successful and relevant businesses are doing. Here is a good article with ideas worthy of considering – http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/220678

Planning your Social Media Goals & Activities – Plan simple and small to begin with.  Don’t strive to create a pyramid in a week.  Here is a good article to read in this regard – http://outspokenmedia.com/social-media/social-media-planning/

Blogs worthy of regular reading include:


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