Forsyth Tech SBC Social Media for Job Seekers

Here are my notes and Links to some of the content I promised to share with you:

How reliable is Wikipedia?

Resources for Social Media use:

I recommend that you look at the following:

LinkedIn –
Facebook –
Twitter –
YouTube –
WordPress –


There are significantly more resources available thru other public domain sources – Google any of the Social Media phrases and the issues you are having – answers exist and are generally easy to find.

The presentation I shared today can be viewed @

The videos I showed in this presentation came from this listing:

SocialNomics 3 Video –
Who are you video –
People are strange –
Social Media Intern –
Social Media ROI –
What is Twitter –

Remember the following:

The 4 Cs® – Contribute, Collaborate, Connect, Cram

TRUHE® – Transparent, Relevant, Useful, Honest, Engage or Exciting

Read the Terms of Service of each Social Media Platform

Read, Understand and set the Settings of each Social Media Platform you use

I will share more information about Groups – What & Why in a future Post to this blog

Please reach out to me if I can help you further with your Social Media needs for your business.


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