Forsyth Tech Community College – LinkedIn for Job Seekers Class #3

 Class dates – August 28, 30 & Sept 4, 2012

Day 3 class notes

Thanks for a great attendance rate folks – 15 people on Day 1 and 15 people on Day 2!!

Here are the items I promised to share with you from this class:

Public Resumes – If you post your resume in on your LinkedIn profile it becomes public to everyone you are connected to. I suggest you do not publish a resume here with your home address and phone numbers. Keep this info on your resume to distribute to specific people, but no in a publicly shared resume.

News Feeds are a way to track all of the new posts that are published in Blogs and on websites. In order to use NewsFeeds you need a News Reader. is a good basic reader. You will need a Google Account to use it.

If you don’t know how to setup Google Reader – here is a quick video-

Here are some newsfeeds that you may find interesting:

NCWiseman –
Resumebear – – JobSearching Headlines – – Job Searching What’s hot –
Carerbuilder – Job Search Tips –
Carerbuilder – Cover Letter & Resume Help –
Carerbuilder – Interview Tips –
Carerbuilder – Salary & Promotion Advice –
Carerbuilder – General Workplace Articles – Career Advice –

Resume Writing Resources – I encourage to consider the Employability Workshops provided by Forsyth Tech. Get more information by visiting the customer service desk at West Campus

I teach a concept called PAR Statements – here is a blog post that helps to understand what this is and how to do it –

Facebook Job Search Resources – Listing –   Job Seekers Facebook Resources

LinkedIn Job Search Resources – Listing – Job Seekers LinkedIn Groups

Job Search Resources – Listing – Job Search Resources

I hope this class has been very useful for you. Please do not hesitate to send me a LinkedIn message if I can help you in any way /Teddy

Day 2 class notes

What a great turn out on Day 2 – Congrats to everyone for the work they are doing so far!!

Some of things I said I would share include:

PAR Statements – Look at this blog post. It does a pretty good job of explaining them – PAR STATEMENTS

Merging duplicate LinkedIn Profiles – You have to contact LinkedIn – Read this

Here is the post regarding my recommendations for finding people and making LinkedIn Connections – Read this

Please feel free to LinkedIn message me if you want me to review your profile or have any other questions.  See you next Tuesday

Day 1 class notes

I hope everyone got home safely. 52 South & Business 40 West were a mess.

Remember these acronyms:

TRUHE – Transparent, Relevant, Useful, Honest, Engaging

4Cs of Social Media  – Contribute, Connect, Connect & Cram

The videos I showed came from this collection I use regularly:

Twitter – We will talk only a little bit about Twitter in this class. Here is a blog post about the basics of Twitter to help move us forward with Twitter education. Ask me questions as you want regarding using Twitter for job search.

Skills & Expertise – Proficiency & Years of Experience

Debra Perret taught me something new tonight that I did not know existed for all skill word. I need to share with you

When entering (editing) your Skills & Expertise, if you click on a Skill word you can enter your Proficiency & Years of Experience for each skill word. Enter this info and then click on the X in the upper right of the yellow box. This is good info since it will allow recruiters to see it.

Your Home work is

1 – Connect with Teddy Burriss ( on LinkedIn

2 – Update your LinkedIn Profile.

3 – Ask me questions via LinkedIn Messages (Inbox) if you need to.

See everyone on Thursday.


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I am a Networking Strategist and LinkedIn coach and Trainer. I live by my personal edict, "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life." I want to help people become better Networkers and better LinkedIn users focused on their business and career goals.

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