Social Media for Job Seekers FTCCHRD Class # 2

Day 3 class Notes

Home Work: Continue updating your LinkedIn profile per our review of everyone’s individual Profile.

A question from tonight was, “what are the % numbers on the Skill Words?”

CHeck out this LinkedIn Help Page –

Good information about Skills, relevant skills, Locations, Professionals, and companies.

LinkedIn calendar of activity (sample) – Social Media Calendar

Stay in touch.

If I can help any of you with your profiles, connecting, collaborating or contributing in any way, let me know.

Glad to have each of you in my class



Day 2 class Notes

Home Work:

  • Update your profile more so that you are HAPPY with what it says about YOU
  • Make more relevant and useful connections
  • Request a few good recommendations

Updated Info – On your Settings page is a section that likely says 5 of 5 Introductions. This is for your use to get introduced to 2nd level or 3rd level contacts. If you use them and do not get a connection or response – they sit and use up the 5 introductions you can use (at one time).  You have to search your Sent messages for Introductions, open them and Withdraw the pending Introductions.

We talked about Recommendations today

See my recommendations Blog Post

Make good recommendations by asking your LinkedIn connection to make a recommendation based on something that you did for/with them that was successful and why/how you made it happen.

We talked about Making Connections today

Remember you can find people thru searching their name, searching for companies and seeing who works there, searching thru your current connections contacts and thru Group member lists

You can also use the People you May Know feature – but only for people you really, really know.

Remember to send relevant, honest, transparent and personal note connection requests. Use the Friend option only if you have giggled and told a good joke together.

Groups – Search for relevant groups based on good keywords

Research the group for participation, member size, and good useful content

Once in a group, GET ENGAGED by contributing and collaborating. Once a group becomes less useful and relevant – Leave the group

Here is the link to a sample calendar of LinkedIn Activity – use it as you see fit for youself

Here is a good article about LinkedIn Groups:

Day 1 class notes

Set Frequency of Emails – I forgot to show you the (?) to the right of each item – the popup box does an OK job of explaining each item.

The Referral Suggestion box is when LinkedIn finds connections that could be a good fit for your company.

The “ADVICE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE CONTACTING YOU” Text that you enter under the Select the types of messages you’re willing to receive Box is displayed on your public profile above your contact information.

Remember what Greg taught us tonight:
Thanks Greg – good points

A – If you don’t have a profile pic, you can’t chose who can see your “non-existant” profile pic

B – If you decided to hide in any way – Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile, then you can’t see who is viewing your profile without paying for LinkedIn – don’t hide.

Your Home work for tomorrow is

1 – Connect with Teddy Burriss ( on LinkedIn

2 – Update your LinkedIn Profile.

3 – Ask questions via LinkedIn Messages (inbox) if you need to.

Here is the video I wanted to show you all – [youtube width=”500″ height=”480″][/youtube]


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