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7/1/2012 – As of June 2012, LinkedIn has discontinued the automatic integration of Tweets into the LinkedIn Stream. Horray! LinkedIn did away with this integration in part because of the problems outlined in the original post below dated 6/15/12. For those who remember the stream being riddled with irrelevant tweets, I am sure you agree – Horray!

Just because we can say anything we want, anywhere we want, does not mean we should.

Just because we can tweet and dump these tweets into LinkedIn, does not mean we should.

It’s all about relevance, transparency and interest.

If your tweets are business relevant, interesting and transparent, then maybe they should show up on your LinkedIn wall and our streams (where we see your stuff)

If your tweets are not business relevant, not interesting to others and most importantly, not transparent (your Selling to us), then please, don’t put them on your wall or in our stream.

There is a button on our stream that lets us hide your LinkedIn posts. If you throw too much stuff in the stream that we don’t want to see, we’ll click that button and hide all of your posts. Sort of like, IGNORING YOU COMPLETELY.

It’s happened to the best of us; however we have to try hard to always remember to share relevant, interesting and transparent stuff.

If you don’t know how to setup LinkedIn to integrate with Twitter, allowing some tweets and ignoring others, you need my help.

So – I created a video to tell you how to setup LinkedIn to work best with Twitter

Check it out (URL is )

[youtube width=”637″ height=”516″][/youtube]


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