FTCC SMB Blogging Class

Here are the notes that I promised you today:


www.google.com/reader is a good one – it requires a Google (or Gmail) account

Newswire is a good Mac APP – it costs about $10

There are lots of Iphone and Android apps for Readers – use the App Store or Marketplace and search for readers

WordPress & Blogger have features for you to Follow blogs – you’ll get an email when the blogs you follow are updated

My Presentation – You can find my presentation at Blogging Presentation

Blogspot Blogs vs WordPress blogs

According to WordPress there are 74,948,347 sites

I could not find any statistics about the number of Blogspot or Blogger sites.

Here is an interesting Infographic about Blogging platforms

Public Use Images

I like Shutterstock, Public Domain Images and Stock Free Images. Google Public use images and you’ll find lots of options – experiment for what works for you.

If you have any other questions – please feel free to email me.



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