Social Media for Job Seekers FTCCHRD Class # 1

Day 3 Notes – Some of the items we discussed included:

  1. Pace yourself – consider 15 minutes a day of focused work
  2. Sorting groups – Your groups are sorted alphabetically on your Public profile – no changes
  3. Remember the concept of searching for a job, researching the contacts & company and then afterwards, apply if relevant.  (I will create a video of this soon)
  4. Connect where relevant and mutually beneficial (it’s not all about you). The more you connect, the more you need to get focused to the relevant part.  It’ll work if you are true to this
  5. Contribute relevant and useful content
  6. Collaborate on other’s content when you have something worthwhile to share
  7. Don’t fear the LinkedIn – trust yourself to use the tool properly and you’ll find success
  8. FINALLY – email me if I can help you in any way

Thanks for being an attendee to one of my seminars – Teddy

I hope that you all took at least a few really good nuggets of Social media knowledge from tonights class.  Please feel free to email me and ask any questions you have or offer any comments that we can use for this class.

I hope that everyone got home safely. It was just a little tricky going west on I-40.

DAY 2 NOTES – Some of the things that we talked about included:

  • The LinkedIn Stream, Top line Menu items, who has looked at your profile
  • Your Settings – did I tell you to pay attention to these and to set them how you want LinkedIn to work for YOU?
  • Connections – how to “Harvest” connections – Search for someone or people at a company, Use the People You May Know beta feature or look at people you are connected to and their Connections.  However you find people when you request a connection – be honest, transparent, relevant and polite – use the Personal Note to create a worthwhile Relationship request. GOT IT?!!
  • Recommendations – Ask for honest, relevant recommendations – be clear about what you want them to say, “I did this task, I did it well and met all expectations, you and/or the business got this value out of my work”
  • What I failed to remind you all is – you have homework – DO IT!
    • Create a list of 5-10 business groups you want to connect with (IRL &Virtual)
    • Make additional relevant LinkedIn connections
    • Review LI Profile and continue to fine tune it.

DAY 1 NOTES – Some of the things that we talked about included:

  • SOCIAL – did you hear me say SOCIAL
  • Social Media streams – pay attention to the good stuff in the stream, ignore the not so useful information
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, Youtube – all good places to find useful information while job searching (and beyond)
  • Stay between the lines, or as other suggested, don’t talk religion or politics in social media
  • Risk – manage your risk by paying attention, monitor your walls, accounts, profiles and use a strong password (8 digits, upper case, lower case, numbers, unique)
  • Hey – I forgot to have you do this – google yourself – tell us what you find
  • Use 1 email address for all SOcial Media sites, but use a unique password for each account
  • Use a Public Domain email address like Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, msn, etc
  • Think Business when creating an email account, no (please)
  • Your Facebook ID, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter Handle try to make them all match – (I am TLBurriss everywhere I can be)


  • Raymond Flanner
  • Donna Moreno
  • David Cox
  • Lisa Cox
  • Randy Wolfe
  • JoAnn Chandler
  • Carol Marshall
  • Stewart CLontz
  • Bill Lacy
  • Charles Tetterton
  • Christine Calice
  • Frank Arkfeld
  • Matt Flippin
  • Lynn Wells
  • Herman Frazier, Jr.
  • Teddy Burriss

Here is the Class Outline: (we are pretty much no task, we’ll easily get caught up on Thursday)

Schedule– 3 – 3 hour Seminars Dates: May 22, 24, 29
Goal – Teach Job Seekers how to use LinkedIn as a Job Searching Tool. Introduce attendees to other Social Media Streams (FB, Twitter, Youtube, etc) as job searching tools.

Primary LinkedIn Value – Connecting with relevant contacts and groups while presenting your Skills & experiences is a positive way to promote yourself in the Job Market.

Take Aways: A LinkedIn Profile, initial connections, group activity & coaching for continual & scheduled activity


Day 1

What is Social Media and why Job Seekers should use it – 1 Hour

Who are you Video –

Social media Revolution –

Overview of Facebook (profile/pages), Twitter, Youtube, Blogging as they relate to job searching

The effects/benefits/risks of Social Media activity on a job search –  1 Hour

10 tips from –

Google Yourself – What do you see? (are you afraid to?)

Introduction to LinkedIn as a Job Search Tool – 1 hour

High Level Security, privacy discussion

Overview of the Wall, Profile, Contacts, Groups

Present agenda for day 2

Home work (do as much as you can)

  1. Setup an email account (if you do not already have a personal one) (everyone has one)
  2. Initial setup of your LinkedIn account (if you do not already have one) (everyone has one)
  3. Connect with me (Teddy Burriss) on LinkedIn
  4. Comment on this Blog Post with your name, email address and any useful comment you have
  5. Create a list of 10 people you want to connect with on LinkedIn
    We’ll use this list to help you learn how to connect to them thru LI

Day 2

Complete Accounts setup activities – 1 hour

  •  Overview of the Wall, Profile, Contacts, Groups
    Present agenda for day 2
  • Setup Email Account – done
  • Setup initial LinkedIn Profile – done

Creating & Refining a LinkedIn Profile – 1 hours

  • Understanding Account Settings
  • Updating your work history
  • Entering in your education history
  • Choosing & Entering in your Skills
  • Refining your headline & Summary
  • Recommendations – How to request & how

Making connections – 1 hour

  • Why make connections
  • How to request a connection
  • What to do after you make a connection

Home Work

  • Create a list of 5-10 business groups you want to connect with (IRL &Virtual)
  • Make additional relevant LinkedIn connections
  • Review LI Profile and continue to fine tune it.

Day 3

Introduction to LinkedIn Groups – 1 hours

  • How to Contribute, Collaborate, Connect & Cram using LI Groups
  • Searching for relevant groups
  • Contributing your relevant content direct in LI
  • Sharing relevant 3rd Party content directly in LI Groups
  • Collaborating on an existing Discussion in LI Groups
  • Connecting to group members

Course wrap up – 2 hours

  • Profile Maintenance
    • Review attendee Profiles & Make recommendations
  • Connection activity
    • Review attendee connections – make sure everyone knows how
  • Group Activity
    • Review attendee group activity – make sure everyone knows what to do
  • Managing your Social Media Activity for long term value
  • Measuring the value of your Social media Activity


  • Make more LinkedIn Connections
  • Schedule Lunch, coffee, sweet tea with relevant local connections
  • In 1 week – Report back to TLB via LinkedIn message with your progress and opinion of your initial value of LinkedIn.

Author: NCWiseman

I am a Networking Strategist and LinkedIn coach and Trainer. I live by my personal edict, "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life." I want to help people become better Networkers and better LinkedIn users focused on their business and career goals.

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