Don’t stalk me Bro!

I had a meeting with a small business owner recently and a meeting with a sales team a few days later. Both conversations included the use of the word “Stalking”.

Frequently business professionals and business owners feel that they are being stalked on Social Media. They feel that the stalking is occurring primarily on LinkedIn and Twitter, yet some know that they have accepted Friend requests in Facebook that have turned into Stalkers.

I’ve heard people use phrases like, “Trolling”, “Harvesting”, “perusing”, “random connecting”, “piling up connections” and even “stock piling” used in regards to Twitter Followers and LinkedIn connections with the intent of finding the best possible Stalking Route to that next targeted Client.

Please don’t do this. If you want to find that next great Client consider using Social Media better than your neighborhood Stalker.


  • Be Engaged – It’s better to be seen & heard sharing relevant useful information than to lurk in the shadows waiting to Jump on a poor unsuspecting business person. When you get engaged you create an environment that showcases your expertise & passion.
  • Be Relevant – The conversations you have in “SOCIAL” Media should be relevant to the person or group you are conversing with. Don’t try to start a conversation all about yourself and don’t spin a thread into something it did not start out to be.
  • Be Transparent – If your intent is to get to the table to sell your widget, without first creating a real and trusting relationship, then please stop now before you get embarrassed. Create a relationship and you’ll get the opportunity to get to the table.
  • Be Consistant – Stay true to who you are and what your message is. Consistency helps keep you focused which in turn helps your audience (the WORLD) figure you out easier, then people begin to listen (read/watch/follow) you quicker. One business owner told me that he wants his sales team to sing like a choir. I like this analogy. Different voices all consistently sharing the same message in unison with their unique voices.
  • Be Giving – People want to know Givers. No one wants to know, let alone meet or follow Takers. Give nonstop. Share quality ideas, knowledge, resources and introductions day-in and day-out. Did I tell you that Givers GET? It works as long as you give with no strings attached or immediate expectations.
  • Be Regular – Big explosions suck all the oxygen out of the air and leave a big void in the space they exploded in. Don’t be this. Pick a pace of engagement that you can sustain and stick to it.
  • BE – In the SOCIAL Media world you first have to Be there. Don’t wait because you are afraid, because you don’t know what to share, you don’t believe it will work or because you just don’t understand. Get these questions and issues resolved now. Yeah, there are innovators, early adopters and laggards in Social Media. Please don’t be a laggard or a stalker.

Learn how to Socialize with people and then use Social Media to do this.

People get freaked out when they get stalked.  Please don’t stalk anyone, whether in real life or in Social media.

Ask me to teach you how to be better than a stalker.


Author: NCWiseman

I am a Networking Strategist and LinkedIn coach and Trainer. I live by my personal edict, "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life." I want to help people become better Networkers and better LinkedIn users focused on their business and career goals.