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I tried numerous times to apply for a job thru The only sparks I created were from my frustration.

The Careers URL is at the far bottom of the home page in small font. Click on that and then you get sent into Search Jobs and Apply site.

The search engine is a fairly straight forward, if you know your way around a group of dialogue boxes.

If you search for warehousing jobs, the list is long and confusing. You have to click on job titles like – AreaMgr-Floor(F,I,J,RX,R,RC,S) or HROfTrnMgrF,G,I,R,RC,S,WDC,RxO

What the heck does this mean to a great employee candidate?

COMPLAINT – Make the Job Titles mean something to the people you want to hire.

Once you find an open position you want to apply for you click on Apply for Job

This opens a new window onto a site named “”   

COMPLAINT  – This site is so slow that I repeated got disconnected because the site response was often too slow. Constant failure due to site performance.

This site requires a login. First time users need to “Create a login” Remember your login because the site fails so often you’ll have to login back in after you get frustrated and quit working on it for hours.

Once you get logged in, follow the prompts and answer the questions appropriately.

The EEO info (for some jobs) requires that you scroll down to find more inputs, despite the fact that the screen shows a Next button prior to scrolling down.

I had to enter my contact info. It requires a home phone and Other (mobile) – if you don’t have multiple phones, put the same number in both (WHY?)

The next area where I had repeated failure was when I tried to cut/paste my resume into the text box they provide. This failed so many times that I then tried to upload my resume as a PDF. This worked better and let me go forward.

One job I applied for would pull my work history from the PDF. A forklift position I applied for did not pull this info. (WHY?)

COMPLAINT  – brassring FAILED repeatedly when I clicked Next.

Each time it failed I would close out of site and the site and start all over again.

I may not be the sharpest tack in the shed (LOL), but I know how to use web based forms and am very comfortable responding to messages guiding me to correct my mistakes. The problem with the  site is that the majority of the FAILS were with no error messages at all. Just time out failure, one after another.

My concern is how many other potential quality candidates got frustrated trying to fill out a Walmart online job application  on the site and just gave up.

With unemployment being broad and high across the country, Walmart is missing out on the opportunity to hire a stronger and more skilled workforce, if their online application system worked better.

I tweeted some of my problems early on and the employee (contract?) behind @walmartcareers responded with polite suggestions regarding the intial fail of having to scroll down to find more inputs (my bad). Interestingly, one of the higher level jobs I tried to apply for had a different EEO screen that I did not have to scroll down thru. (WHY?)

I copied @Kenexa on my tweets and did not hear from them, even when I suggested they hire a quality UI expert to help them with the interface.  I did not recommend that they look at site performance issues (yet), but this is my biggest COMPLAINT & WALMART FAIL

In Conclusion – I am fortunate that my work was just a test so that I could tell my class what I experienced and how to navigate this site.  What am I going to tell them – Don’t apply to Walmart Jobs – it’s too stressful.

UPDATE – After writing this post I did some more research regarding other sites – See this Story


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  1. Teddy,
    You might tell your class that if they navigate the website and actually apply that they may never hear from them. I applied 10-29-11, got the automatic acknowledgement and I’m still waiting for more.

    1. Oh it’s a nightmare! I get everything done and it won’t let me go to the next question. It’s like a little test. I’m trying to get a job here! I’m retired. Just thought I could use my polite over educated great hard working skills to use. I follow instructions well. Just have to have the web site up and running correctly!it’s hard to be smarter then then the site if there not a next button like stated! Very unhappy.

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