The sounds & view from my Writing Perch

Fridays are writing day for me. Most Fridays I park myself in my big comfy rocking chair on my front porch with my IPad, mug of hot bold bean and I begin extracting words out of my mind and start pecking them down on the keyboard into my Pages document where I pray my story will develop.

For the most part, I ignore emails, tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn, my phone and just about all of the stuff that can get in the way of the creative juices making my writings happen. I find that the audio & visuals around me can be inspirational in my wordsmithing, as well as somewhat of a distraction. So today, I thought I would share with you what these audio & visuals are.

I strive to be on my writing perch by 7:30 am each Friday. During the spring and summer, it’s fairly light out at this time of the morning. It’s also somewhat quiet, with a few exceptions.

Today is August 5, and there are plenty of birds about. They are sitting in the many trees around the neighborhood, down in the grass searching for worms and bugs, as well as flying to and fro between the different roof tops or rain gutter perches. The chatter of the birds is pleasant, as I imagine conversations going on between them. I can hear them alerting each other to the best locations in my yard for worms and grubs, as well as the occasional tweet regarding the appearance of a neighborhood cat, person, car or other potential foe.

Our front flower bed, full of beautiful flowers that my wife dotes over, also contains a fish pond with a small water fall. When it’s real quiet, I can hear the water falling back into the pond. And occasionally I hear the gulping noise from a fish at the surface of the pond, or the splash of one of our local frogs jumping into the pond.

Occasionally a skink will show up on the concrete porch floor and look over at me as if to ask, “can I hang out here for a while?” I return with a look that says, “sure, as long as you don’t climb up my leg.” We get along fine.

Some other creatures who show up now and then are a few humming birds, a spider or two working diligently rebuilding the spider webs I keep knocking down and the infrequent rabbit running across the yard seeking food, or another rabbit to play with.

These sounds and sights are somewhat pleasant and at the right time during my writing, they can add value.

The visuals and sounds that are less about nature and more related to my neighbors are the ones that can be distracting.

My house is the second house in a small community of 12 homes, down both sides of the street with a circle at the end. The street is right off a major road that leads to the highway. We are less than a mile from the highway.

Being right off the main road, I can see and here every vehicle that goes by. In the morning the majority of these are cars and SUVs belonging to the worker bees who live around me and are driving toward the highway to head off to work in one of the big cities nearby, or far away.

I can see most of the faces as they go by, some are sucking on coffee cups or chewing on a biscuit, some are staring at the road with blank faces. Occasionally I can see a smile or two, but not often. I have caught myself saying a prayer for these commuters, because, in the past, I was one.

Each Friday morning a few of the neighbors on my street drive by as well, on the same mission as the others. Heading off to their jobs with the same facial expressions. Since I have been out here now for nearly 6 months, some of my neighbors will look over to see if I am here. Now and then I get a wave and/or a smile.

I also get distracted by the occasional big rig, firetruck, police car or ambulance
Many times as these distractions occur I stop what I am doing and ponder my good fortune. I am no longer a daily commuter and I love what I do. When I do this pondering, I offer up a prayer of thanks for my blessings and then return my focus to the task at hand. Extracting words from my mind, banging them done into my iPad and working on my writings.

As the day continues I get to hear more natural sounds, see more birds, blooming flowers and beautiful skies. My neighbors, past me and on my street don’t start returning until after lunch. Friday’s are short work days for lots of people.

Fortunately, the distractions are minimal. And they remind me that I’m blessed to have a job that I love.

I stopped my main project today to write this blog. I got distracted thinking about the distractions. But, I still managed to extract words from my mind and bang them down so I can share them with others. This is my job.

Author: tlburriss

I am a Networking Strategist and LinkedIn coach and Trainer. I live by my personal edict, "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life." I want to help people become better Networkers and better LinkedIn users focused on their business and career goals.