It’s my Facebook business Page, Back Off!

A young lady called NCWiseman last week with a dilemma.

She has a business Page on Facebook with well over 1500 followers now. Her followers are loyal and many of them are very interactive with her thru this page. Yesterday she added a few dozen new followers including one person who missed out on the lesson of Facebook Page Etiquette.

Let me explain what happened, and why it was improper.

The young lady with the Business Page on Facebook is a couponer. Not just your average housewife who clips coupons, but an avid, ethical couponer who matches manufacturer, store and rebate coupons together with a specific shopping list for the maximum possible savings. She knows how to do this and thru her Facebook Page and Blogs teaches others how to do it and where to find all of the relevant coupons. Note – this young lady is in business to teach others how to coupon for maximum results. It may be a small business, but her family benefits from the little revenue that this page (and related blog) create for them.

Yesterday one of her knew followers, who it turns out is in a similar business, posted a link to her own website and stated, “Come visit my website. I offer the same services as this Facebook Page.”

In some social media posts, the next few letters could be WT_! (I can’t do it – sorry)

The audacity of this person.

Would you expect to see a Ford car salesman walking onto an Audi dealership lot and saying, “Come on down the street, we have better cars.” ?

Would a LazyBoy furniture salesman walk into a Broyhill showroom and proclaim, “My chairs are better, come with me.”?

Would a BB&T relationship banker walk into a Wells Fargo branch, tap a customer on the shoulder and whisper, “Hey, follow me back to my branch. My rates are just as good or better.” ?

“H” “E” double hockey stick NO!

So why do some people think it’s OK to post self serving posts on other businesses Facebook pages?

Now, the young lady who owns this Facebook Page told me, “If she had come to my wall and posted a link to a relevant couponing blog or offered any relevant and useful information specific to a discussion or question, that would have been both appreciated and accepted, even if indirectly it had promoted her own blog. This happens all the time in business and I regularly offer ideas on coupon related sites, with no self promotion of my Page.”

Financial planners share ideas about insurance products and investment strategies all the time and, they generally share these ideas anywhere it’s relevant and beneficial. At the end of the blog post they reference their businesses and contact info. This is an acceptable practice.

NCWiseman counseled the young lady with the Facebook page to write a Terms & Conditions Blog post that outlines what information her followers can post on her page and on her blog.

The short phrase I suggested, somewhat jokingly was, “It’s my Facebook Page, Back off!”

I’m sure she’ll add some finesse and polite words to her post, she’ll not contradict the Facebook Terms & Conditions for business Pages and I’m sure she knows how to click Remove & Block as well.

Author: NCWiseman

I am a Networking Strategist and LinkedIn coach and Trainer. I live by my personal edict, "Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life." I want to help people become better Networkers and better LinkedIn users focused on their business and career goals.

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  2. Yikes! That dilemma also brings to light the importance of regularly checking your business pages. If you have a popular page, a “send me an email when someone comments” isn’t a viable option as it blows up your inbox. If you’ve gone some period of time without being aware of the activity on your page, posts like that example can stay up a lot longer than they should. Sure, we’d like to believe her followers are loyal and aren’t going to click the link of some random post-hijacker, but you’re absolutely right in that the post has no right to be there at all.

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