Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company PageA LinkedIn Company Page is a great way to promote your business.

Your LinkedIn Company Page is a fabulous way to showcase your consultancy business or coaching business.

A LinkedIn Company Page can even add value to your business marketing strategy.

There are a few pre-requisites that you need to consider prior to beginning to build your LinkedIn Company Page.

  1. You must have a private domain email account.
    1. This can not be a,,,, email account. You will have to register a domain name with one of the domain registrars and setup your email through one of the cloud based email services or self-host your own email server (I don’t recommend this for solo-preneurs.)
    2. Consider contacting Google, Microsoft, or Other cloud based hosting service that allows you to use your own Domain Name.
    3. Recommendation – forward your other email accounts into this one private domain email account for simplicity
  2. You will need various images for your Company Page Logo, small logo & banner images, products/services. These images have various sizes, so know how to create your own images (I don’t recommend this), or know a good graphic artist who can help you create & modify these images.
  3. You will need to know how to describe your business and services in well crafted words. If you are not a wordsmith, know a good editor/writer who can help you craft these messages.
  4. LinkedIn company pages can redirect to your company websites thru image hyperlinks and direct redirect links. If you have a company or business website, consider how your website is setup in regards to your LinkedIn Company Page and related hyperlinks.

Use Add Company Page link on the Company area of LinkedIn to create a new Company Page. You will need to validate your Company Email address prior to finalizing your LinkedIn Company Page.

You can assign multiple Page Administrators to your LinkedIn Company Page. I suggest you have two or three administrators who will work together to build and manage your LinkedIn Company Page. Don’t try to build a page in a vacuum or by yourself.

If you need help determining your LinkedIn Company Page strategy and setup, reach out to me and let’s talk. I love to help companies get value out of their LinkedIn use and presence.

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Who is following your company on LinkedIn?

There is a lot of driftwood in the Social Media seas. So much that it’s becoming a serious problem for those of us who hope to use Social Media to learn about businesses that can help us with our business needs.

I’ve used this analogy before in regards to individual Profiles on LinkedIn. It’s also a very relevant analogy to many Company Pages on LinkedIn.

Driftwood is really neat stuff, I love seeing it on the beaches and even in art exhibits. But it should not be a word that is used in regards to anything on Social Media, especially if your intent is to create relationships that eventually create revenue opportunities.

I did some quick research this morning in LinkedIn and found the following: (Company names not displayed to protect the businesses from embarrassment)

  • Company V in Winston-Salem has 15 followers – 12 are employees, no company engagement
  • Company B in Greensboro NC has 1009 followers, many of their 280 LinkedIn member employees, but no company engagement on LinkedIn.
  • Company O in Winston-Salem NC has 79 followers, 46 are employees, old company profile Information and no engagement on LinkedIn
  • Company H in High Point NC has 10 followers, no Profile or engagement on LinkedIn
  • Company S in Winston-Salem NC has 88 followers, an old Profile and no engagement on LinkedIn
  • Randstad – a National company has 40,900 followers, lots of career posts, Services information, no real LinkedIn engagement, yet they still managed to get 18 Company Recommendations. (WOW – they got it together.)
  • Company B in Winston-Salem has 274 followers, no engagement or services on LinkedIn
  • Company P in Winston-Salem NC has 215 followers, no engagement or services on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn, a National company has 180,000 followers, lots of engagement, Products & Services, Imagery and 4,000+ recommendations. (WOW – they really have it together, but I expected this.)

Imagine the benefits your company could have if you were better than the average company with a LinkedIn company page.

  • When someone looks at your company page on LinkedIn do they see:
  • Your business expertise?
  • Your products and Services and why they should consider your business?
  • TRUHE (Transparent, Relevant, Useful, Honest and Engaging) information?
  • How to get in touch with your team?
  • Access to specific web pages that give more details and value propositions about your business?

Yes, you need your employees to have good LinkedIn profiles and they need to Contribute, Collaborate, Connect and Cram on LinkedIn in order to stand out.

Additionally, you should be doing this thru your Company Page on LinkedIn as well. Otherwise your LinkedIn Company page is nothing better than driftwood in the sea of Social Media.

If you want to be better than drift wood, please reach out to me.

Teddy Burriss

(336) 283-6121 or Connect with me on LinkedIn @ and send me a LinkedIn message.