Networking for Mutual Benefit

A must read for all business developers, sales professionals and anyone looking to expand their connections for life, career, business or community.

Networking for Mutual Benefit

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What is Networking for Mutual Benefit?

It’s a style of Networking that puts the other person first and creates the best opportunity of developing a relationship that can be mutually beneficial.

Networking for Mutual Benefit is based on a proven edict: “Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life.” @NCWiseman

This training is recommended for Sales Managers, Salespeople, Business Developers, Account Executives, Fund Raisers, Volunteer Coordinators, Seniors in High School, College Students, Job Seekers, recruiters and anyone else who wants to grow their connections for life & business.

Traditionally networking has been considered a way to collect business cards or contact names of individuals and businesses with the primary intention of proposing products, services or sponsorship. Many times the contacts created during this activity end up in a CRM system and get put in the “cold calling” queue where they are asked to “buy my widget.”

Networking for Mutual Benefit is not about selling or asking for a job.  When done with transparency and an honest intent to build a relationship it is rewarding and successful for all life activities that can become mutually beneficial in career, family, community, charity, education & business.  Including the ever important sales process, at the appropriate time.  When you Network for Mutual Benefit properly, you can get permission to ask for help, the opportunity or the sale much easier and with better results. It all starts with building a relationship.  When you Network for Mutual Benefit, you build an ever increasing circle of contacts that can trust you and will want to help you because they know you understand the value of  “mutual benefit.”

In this training we introduce and explain how to:

  • How to build & manage a circle of Relevant Contacts
  • Asking “How can I help you?”, even when there is no apparent direct benefit to you
  • Building upon your Weak Ties
  • Building relationships with people who are different
  • What is Contributing, Collaborating, Connecting & Cramming
  • Make every conversation initially about the other person
  • How you give first, quickly and every time, either directly or indirectly
  • When do you have the authority to ask for something

Each training program I develop focuses on these points and is designed to the individual needs of the individuals and/or company I work with.

Email me @ or call me @ (336) 283-6121 and let’s put together a training program that will help you and your business to be successful using Networking for Mutual Benefit.

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