Dream into your Next Career

I had the pleasure of sharing “Dream, Dream out Loud and Share your Dreams with Complete Strangers” last night (8/27/15) at the Professionals in Transition meeting.

The room was packed with nearly 30 people in attendance.

Here is the Video I recorded of this presentation. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed sharing the message.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”500″]https://youtu.be/lF4pxL0nohU[/youtube]

10 Principles of Social Media

It was a pleasure to meet everyone today (5/21/13) at the Sustainable Business Network of Winston-Salem.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my message with the group.

Here are the 10+ Principles of Social Media that I shared with the group:

1.00 – What is Social Media

Yes, we all know about Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress and YouTube. But this is only a fraction of the social media sites that exist as of 2013. Wikipedia lists well over 150 social media sites in the article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_social_networking_websites
Social media platforms are for people to engage in social conversations
Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks – source – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media
Social media platforms are for people to engage in social conversations
Social media venus are for people to share and benefit from the co-creation of content and ideas
Social media sites are where people connect and build relationships
Social media sites are not places for us to sell, anything
“Social media are tools for us to talk with anyone we want, anytime we want and about anything we want.” ~ @NCWiseman
I wrote this definition a few years ago because I kept hearing business owners and executives tell me, “Social media is managed by our marketing department.” I quietly weep every time I hear this.
When I hear this statement I am obligated (by myself) to ask:
“Does marketing manage your phone system?” 
“Does marketing manage your email system?” 
“Does marketing control the use of your fax machines, pens and pencils?” 
“Does marketing escort your staff thru life, into networking meetings, coffee shops and bars?” 
“If not, why does marketing manage your social media activity?”

2.01 – Principle # 1

“Networking is finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life,” ~ @NCWiseman


2.02 – Principle # 2

“Networking for Mutual Benefit is a requirement for success” ~ @NCWiseman


2.03 – Principle # 3

“Never do, say or engage in social media in a way you don’t want to be seen, heard or perceived in life.” ~ @NCWiseman

2.04 – Principle # 4

“Everything we do on social media must be TRUHE. If not, people will begin to ignore us” ~ @NCWiseman

2.05 – Principle # 5

“To get the greatest value out of social media, we must execute the 5 Cs.” ~ @NCWiseman

2.06 – Principle # 6

“We must always have trust, respect & compassion for our connections. Otherwise they won’t want to trust, respect or have compassion for us.” ~ @NCWiseman


2.07 – Principle # 7

“If everything we do is all about us, then success is less likely to occur. Make life mutually beneficial and life will be far more rewarding.” ~@NCWiseman 

2.08 – Principle # 8

“Giving is a powerful way to build relationship, whether in real life or through social media.” ~ @NCWiseman

2.09 – Principle # 9

“A connection does not make a relationship. Relationships occur when we help others.” ~ @NCWiseman

2.10 – Principle # 10

“Never contradict who we are or what we stand for when using social media.” ~ @NCWiseman

2.11 – Bonus Principle

Experience & Experiment without giving up, this is the best way to discover how social media can benefit us and our company.” ~ @NCWiseman


I had a great time sharing this Social Media presentation with a great group of Winston-Salem State University Students & Faculty.

Thanks for letting me help you look at Social Media as a business tool.

WSSU 2013 Social Media Presentation

Contact me if I can help you in any way with Social Media as a Relationship tool

Teddy Burriss

WOAMTEC Preso – March 2013

Networking for Mutual BenefitWhat is Networking for Mutual Benefit

  • “Networking is finding, developing & nurturing Relationships that Mutual Move People forward thru life”
  • Focus on the other person & their needs first. Give & you’ll get permission to ask or talk about yourself
  • It’s not about sales or business, it’s about life, career, business, community, friends & family

How did I develop this?

  • Hired by a guy in WS
  • Dale Carnegie, Sandler Sales Training, Keith Ferrazzi, other great successful people I know and have met

Why is it Better

  • “Grip & Grin, cold calling vs building relationships and getting the people who trust & respect you to help you connect for opportunities”
  • Build relationships for life despite your current career path or business
  • Giving with no expectations is a great feeling
  • When you get permission to ask, the other person wants to help you

How to do it

  • Strive to meet someone new every day
  • Don’t network with the intent of finding business
  • Focus on getting permission to ask 1 question – “Who else do you know that I should meet?”

Who to connect with

  • Start with people who already trust & respect you
  • Weak Ties
  • People who are different

How can you learn more about how to do this

  • Buy my book
  • Contact me to learn more
  • Try it

The full Prezi Presentation:

Desire, Attitude and Passion presentation

Desire, attitude and passion

Desire, Attitude and Passion presentation.


Have Desire, Attitude and Passion in your life and success is more likely and rewarding

I hope this presentation was useful to those who attended. Let me know if my POKING created any ideas or questions that I can help you with.

Desire, Attitude and Passion are important for life

I hope this discussion of Desire, Attitude and Passion was useful to those in attendance.


TLB Presentation Videos

Here is a listing of the YouTube Videos that I share in my various presentations.

I hope you find these videos interesting & motivational



Hello Folks – This post is for all of the attendees of the American Chemical Society meeting and presentation I gave on 8/9/2012 at Natty Greene’s.

I had a great time and hope that everyone took away at least a few Fantastic nuggets of knowledge to help them on their Social Media activity.

Here is the PDF for the presentation:


The Videos I shared came from this collection:

SocialNomics 3 Video – http://youtu.be/fpMZbT1tx2o
Who are you video – http://youtu.be/ylGVFxBwri8
People are strange – http://youtu.be/_b3XxWYBxGo
Social Media Intern – http://youtu.be/auiczd4OUms
Social Media ROI – http://youtu.be/qNL8vAnZ-BY

If I can help anyone with their Social Media planning and training, please reach out to me

Teddy Burriss

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Open Letter to PMI Triad Chapter

First of all, thanks to my good friends at the Ettain Group for sponsoring my presentation last night (4/9/2012). I threw down a challenge to get my presentation sponsored and the Ettain Group stepped up to the plate. – Thank you very much folks.

With 80 or more people in the room, the buzz was magnificent. It was exciting to see so many people chatting with other members before the meeting got started. A month is a long time and lots of interesting stuff happens during that time. Lots of exciting stuff got shared with fellow members last night.

Thanks to the good folks @ Pepper Moon for another great meal. I admit I wanted extra servings of that cheese cake. I also admit I did not do it.  Angela does a great job setting up for the meal and taking care of us during dinner.  Thanks Angela

Thank you Alan, Bobbi and everyone else who helped me get ready for and deliver my presentation.

Thanks to Lexi, Denise, Glen, Bobbi, Michael and everyone else who jumped into the Twitter-sphere to share the message(s).

I could tell that the group was engaged in the presentation “Networking for Mutual Benefit“®. All eyes were looking at me, there were no side discussions going on and mostly everyone got my one-liners. As a public speaker, it’s always more enjoyable to give a presentation that the group is eager to hear.

To be able to engage Nora, JR, Barbara, Linda, Susan, Scott, Mark, David, Bobbi, Glen, Michael, Sean, Alan, Chris, the entire team from the Ettain Group, (and so many others that I know I failed to forget), added so much to the presentation and follow up discussion.

To make the night even better, dozens of you hung around afterwards and got into more great Networking activity. That made the evening for me.

I got to chat with a few members who wanted to know more about what I do and even shared some ideas of helping students at some of the local universities and colleges. Ideas bounced all around during some good conversations.

Thanks again for having me as your presenter last night folks.

Stay true to “Networking for Mutual Benefit“® folks and I assure you that you will succeed on your journey thru life.